New God of War Dynamic Theme Includes Ragnarok Tease


The rebooted God of War delivered almost a year prior on April twentieth to the best recognition for the series to date. With the game approaching its one year commemoration, Sony delivered a free unique topic for PS4 proprietors last week named Your Journey Awaits. At the point when some looked all the more carefully at the topic however, they saw a potential foreboding tease.

God of War steered the series in a totally different bearing ongoing interaction wise, yet in addition with its setting. Rather than being entwined with Greek folklore, this reboot rather centered around Norse folklore. Kratos was likewise joined by his child Atreus on this excursion and this free powerful topic highlights both dad and child sitting in a boat.

This subject appeared to be standard from the get go, yet a Reddit part saw something extremely fascinating secret inside the subject. Assuming you take a gander along the edge of the boat, you will see a few runes scratched into it that say “Ragnarok is Coming.”

If you don’t have the foggiest idea what Ragnarok is, or simply believe it’s a Thor film, Ragnarok is basically the end of the world for Norse folklore generally, with various divine beings kicking the bucket. The way that it says “Ragnarok is Coming” makes you think something must be prodded or there would be truly be not a great explanation to incorporate it.

The question then, at that point, goes to whether this could be prodding a spin-off or maybe DLC for the primary game or simply be literally nothing. Chief Cory Barlog had prodded himself that another shock was coming past the powerful subject and some free God of War symbols coming out this week, yet said it wouldn’t be a DLC announcement.

It appears to be very right on time for an entirely different game to be declared, yet it is plausible. It could likewise be DLC, simply some what won’t be declared for the current week as a feature of the one year commemoration for the game. Prodding Ragnarok is positively nothing to joke about thinking about how serious of an occasion it is for Norse folklore, so we are extremely fascinated to see what SIE Santa Monica Studio have coming up for us.

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