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The imaginative overseer of Days Gone, John Garvin, and previous PlayStation veteran Michael Mumbauer, have collaborated to make another studio Lithos and have reported their most memorable game, Ashfall. It will be coming to PC, consoles, and Web3.

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Here’s a summary of the title:

Pacific Northwest, many years later. An Earth-wide temperature boost has prompted enormous flooding and flames. The appearances of the Trace – pockets of dull energy – have made destruction with the climate and living souls, obliterating whole urban communities. Civilization has fallen into nearby Enclaves where humankind battles to survive..

That sounds a piece like Days Gone meets Outriders to me. The game will start as a solitary player title and will develop in to multiplayer PvP and PvE modes set in a “cinematic transmedia world.”

“Michael and I have worked together creatively for almost two decades and this is our chance to create something really new and exciting. It’s like getting the band back together,” said Garvin, in a proclamation. “Our goal is to create a truly next-gen, open world experience that engages with new technologies to allow user-generated content. As always, our focus is on creating beloved characters, captivating stories and evolutionary gameplay and a world worth exploring, not just in games, but other media as well.”


The game will likewise be attached to the Hedera network which utilizes HBAR, a local, energy-effective digital currency. Players of the game will actually want to rummage, find and assemble things which they could they at any point can then exchange the game.

“Transmedia and the power of connected worlds has always been something I’ve been extremely passionate about,” said Mumbauer. “There is a bit of a misunderstanding in my opinion on what blockchain gaming could mean for gamers. I see the blockchain as a railway and the main station is videogames.”

“The other rail stations all lead to the main one, which is games and the trains deliver precious cargo (NFTs) to gamers via the other stations. It’s a way to have deeper and more engaging experiences than we’ve ever seen before. We want to reward gamers for doing stuff they already love doing, and create a path from those areas they love back to the thing they love the most, gaming.”

Maybe this will be the game to make NFTs and blockchain well known with gamers, get the job done to say they have not been warmly welcomed so far. 

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