PlayStation Twitter Shares Some God Of War Concept Artwork


God of War is emerging one year from now and keeping in mind that we hang tight for new data about Kratos’ most recent excursion, the official PlayStation Twitter account has posted some idea craftsmanship from the impending title.

Check out the photos below:


If the ongoing interaction recordings weren’t sufficient, this clump of God of War idea work of art further shows exactly how lovely and very much itemized the game will be.

To recap, God of War will highlight Kratos in a pristine setting as he goes on an excursion with his child, Atreus. As fans have generally expected from the series since its PS2 and PS3 days, the game will incorporate enormous scope, like one against a monster ocean snake, and quick moving battle. While regarding the matter of the game’s battle, it will in any case put Kratos steering the ship — though with a somewhat unique third individual view — yet Atreus will likewise help his dad out in battle by using bolts and twofold group assaults. Obviously, Atreus isn’t only helpful in battle, he’ll be vital in investigation too. Kratos will run over different runes and different texts all through his excursion, and Atreus will be the only one fit for deciphering them.

Lastly, however ongoing interaction recordings have recommended the game will be more sweeping than past passages, Sony has previously expressed that the game will offer greater chance for investigation (maybe to track down additional runes and texts for additional world-building), yet will not be completely open-world.

God of War doesn’t have a conclusive release date, yet Sony has proactively expressed it will be coming in the principal half of 2018.

– This article was refreshed on March eighth, 2018

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