“Press X For Trophies” Is a New Game That Mocks PS Store Shovelware

Looking for a game with easy trophies? What about “Press X For Trophies?” That’s really the title of another game that has showed up on the PS Store and from its vibes, somebody is troubled about the shovelware that has been assuming control over their darling internet based retail facade of late, and made an item portrayal that derides the miserable situation. As spotted by the wonderful people over at PushSquare, Press X For Trophies has been recorded as an impending game, however it doesn’t appear as though it really exists. The whole item page is a sight to behold.

Cheap games with simple prizes have become progressively popular

I must confess that I’m one of the people who’s put in a couple of pennies on a horrendous game, on the off chance that I might call it that, just to Platinum it in no time flat. Named Road Bustle, it’s actually recorded on the PS Store for $0.99 and its designer even offers a whole heap of shovelware would it be advisable for you need to support your Platinum count. Press X For Trophies is by all accounts the result of dissatisfaction with these sorts of games, if the description beneath is anything to go by…

easy trophies Photo credit: PSNProfiles client Aranea Highwind

The engineer is recorded as “Game Achievements Ltd” with a delivery window of “Announced.”

Again, we don’t know whether Press X For Trophies really exists. Furthermore, assuming it does, how these pearls continue to slip past Sony. Maybe, the organization understands that there’s a sound craving for simple prizes among players? As PushSquare points out, we began with indies like My Name Is Mayo and presently we’re here. Miserable indeed.

In other news, Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Wildlands (a genuine game with genuine prizes) is supposedly set to join PS Plus Extra August 2022 lineup, and here’s every PS4 and PS5 game releasing this week.

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