Report: EA Studios Unhappy With the Company’s Controversial Tweet About Single-Player Games

That questionable EA single-player games tweet last week obviously created truly a ruckus inside the distributer’s own studios. For the unenlightened, somebody taking care of the organization’s Twitter profile tweeted, “They’re a 10 but they only like playing single-player games,” apparently excusing the people who just play single-player games. The reaction from the local area was quick and after being broiled, EA tweeted that it was “taking the L.” But what provoked the tweet from an organization that has probably the best single-player games on the lookout? As per a fascinating USA Today report, the individual who shot that tweet out probably won’t actually have known all about the games business or EA’s scandalous single-player position before. Yikes!

The abnormal story behind EA’s single-player games tweet

“I’m 99 percent sure the person who posted the tweet and their manager don’t even know about the single-player games comment from a decade ago,” a source told USA Today’s Kirk McKeand. “They’re all new and most of them, to my knowledge, aren’t really game industry people. The person who posted that tweet didn’t know and wasn’t supported properly to ensure something like this didn’t happen.” Bizarre.

McKeand’s source uncovered that the tweet arrived in the organization’s Slack soon after it went live, with studios communicating dismay over it. Ideas were then made to have EA’s different studios broil its parent organization’s Twitter record and transform the entire thing into a showcasing ploy. In any case, what truly hangs out in USA Today’s report is the disclosure that EA has its virtual entertainment channels worked by people who are neither acquainted with EA’s games and history nor with the games industry.

In other news, Sony’s getting fire for removing players’ access to movies and TV shows they purchased, and it seems to be GTA 4/Red Dead Redemption 1 remasters aren’t entirely off the table.

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