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Hi people! I’m stirred up to have the option to let you know all that Exo One will arrive on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 this late spring. Exo One started five quite a while back with a generally straightforward thought regarding involving gravity as a development repairman, and steadily developed into something peculiar and extraordinary, propelled by my affection for science fiction film and games that moved me inwardly. I’m really eager to see it observe another crowd and arrive at new specialized levels with this PS5 port.

Sci-fi adventure Exo One comes to PS4 & PS5 this summer

In Exo One you’ll set out on an excursion past the planetary group, finding everything from earthbound deserts to fantastic gas goliaths as the pilot of an outsider test. Coast and roll across the scene, controlling gravity itself to arrive at epic rates and thrilling heights.

You’ll ride warm updrafts into bubbling cloud developments, lurch down slopes, and send off mountain ridges, constantly floating toward the sparkling blue bar on the horizon.

I planned this game as a kind of thoughtful spotlight on crossing. There’s no clock estimating your advancement, beasts, or foes to battle. It’s truly about the environment and the mix of speed and quietness, similar to a streaming roller coaster.

Immersive PS5 Experience

PS5 players with high revive rate TVs or screens will have the choice to encounter the game at its smoothest and generally responsive, on account of the 120fps support we’ve added. We’ve likewise figured out how to add a few additional elements for the DualSense remote regulator, with haptics that mirror the landscape and climate of every planet, making a more vivid encounter than any other time before.

There’s breeze opposition in the game, which makes flying really testing. Because of the PS5’s haptics, you’ll feel the opposition on the trigger while going into skimming through breezes and updrafts.

The territory you’re crossing will impact the vibrations as well — on certain kinds of it your excursion will be went with consistent throbs, while others will give a more grounded, shakier vibration.

Controller vibrations change contingent upon your speed. The quicker you go, the more grounded vibrations you’ll feel.

Thanks such a huge amount for looking at Exo One. This game is a genuine beautiful source of both blessing and pain and means a great deal to me, and I think it’ll be comfortable on the PlayStation when it dispatches this summer.

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