Shadow Warrior 3 1.03 update adds Hardcore trouble

Shadow Warrior 3 has been refreshed to form 1.03, and the fundamental component is the option of Hardcore trouble for the people who truly need to up the test. The update additionally balances a portion of the weapons and their capacities, for example, the katana’s ice freeze assault impact time being diminished. There have additionally been fixes that address issues with weapons not working accurately, as well as players dropping out of the world in certain areas. You can peruse the full fix notes below.

Shadow Warrior 3 1.03 fix notes

  • Katana discharge assault shot speed, blast reach and copy chance increased.
  • Katana ice assault freeze impact length reduced.
  • Katana’s electric assault range decreased.
  • Sidekicks’ harm marginally expanded and spread decreased.
  • HP sum reestablished from the Finishers presently shifts with Difficulty.
  • Adjusted the Health Points of specific enemies.
  • Enemy Health Points are currently something similar across challenges (with the exception of bosses).
  • Shuriken Spitter doesn’t enlist headshots anymore.
  • Health and Ammo spheres respawn-time currently fluctuates with Difficulty.
  • The measure of Health and Ammo reestablished from the circles presently differs with Difficulty.
  • Last Stand resistance time decreased.
  • Thorn’s harm currently differs with Difficulty.
  • Kugutsu exactness and shot speed increased.
  • Laser Shogun laser presently stops on enemies.
  • Riot Gun range somewhat decreased.
  • Oni Hanma’s stun postpone increased.
  • Lifetime for Seeking Eye and Blade of Hattori have been reduced.
  • Removed brief invulnerability after utilization of Brain Tonic.
  • Various Balance changes (see below).
  • Fix for Achievements not opening in interesting cases.
  • Fix for an undesirable second assault being made with the overhauled Katana assuming that the weapon wheel was utilized during an attack.
  • Fix for the Shuriken Spitter not causing harm during certain assaults on the Guardian of The Heart.
  • Fix for a bug where the player could get secured in the Guardian of The Heart’s third stage on Hard difficulty.
  • Fix for Shogai not responding to Katana hits in the event that they are playing out a scuffle assault at the time.
  • Fix for headshots on Kugutsu from Sidekicks making the ragdoll spin.
  • Fix for one of the redesign focuses on “The Fast and the Furry” vanishing after the player respawns.
  • Fix for certain weapons not shooting when the “ranged attack” input is being held while exchanging between guns.
  • Various User Interface fixes.
  • Fixes for when the player could drop out of the world.
  • Fixes for players leaving the interactivity space.
  • Additional designated spot added to “Doomsday Device” level.
  • FOV least worth set to 80.
  • Various movement issues fixed.
  • Fix for Thorns springing up inappropriately.
  • Fix for a bug where the Thorns wouldn’t shrivel on the last field of “Egg Express”.
  • Fixed different edge case rationale bugs in different levels.
  • Fix for a bug where the player could move with the Tanuki in their grasp. Shame.
  • Fixed LoD and popping issues in different places.
  • Fix for an interesting accident while playing out a Finisher on Chef Oboro Guruma.
  • Various execution enhancements.
  • Fix for instructional exercise messages remaining on screen after the player’s death.
  • Fix for the weapon vanishing when the weapon change was performed just before a cutscene had started.
  • Fix for a bug where the player could shoot their weapons during progress cutscenes.
  • Fix for the Grappling Hook staying open subsequent to playing out certain actions.
  • Updates for French, Spanish and Russian localization.
  • (PC) Fix for the weapon vanishing while attempting to pick an unobtained weapon utilizing console shortcuts.

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