Skate 4 Won’t Have Paid Loot Boxes, EA Reiterates

Digital Arts studio Full Circle has responded to recent reports of Skate 4 loot containers, reiterating that the sport gained’t have any paid loot containers and gained’t provide any gameplay benefits to those that fork out actual money.

References to Skate 4 loot containers have been present in beta recordsdata

Insider Gaming reported a day in the past that playtesters datamined Skate 4 beta recordsdata and located references to a number of loot containers and currencies. In response, EA reiterated what it stated final 12 months, promising no pay-to-win mechanics, no paywalled maps or areas, no paid loot containers, and no paid gameplay benefits.

That stated, keep in mind that Skate 4 is a free-to-play game, which implies that it’ll definitely have a monetization system. We’re assuming that there might be a Season Move system of some kind, with paid cosmetics and boards supplied by way of an in-game retailer. The objects may additionally be unlockable by way of a Battle Move system of some kind.

There have been numerous cases of builders promising no paid benefits, solely to finish up altering course. It stays to be seen how Skate 4’s monetization system is applied.

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