Square Enix Already Has Most Plans In Place Up To Launch For Final Fantasy VII Remake


The earliest that a great many people expected we may at long last hear new data about Final Fantasy VII Remake would have been during Square Enix’s recently reported E3 stream one month from now. Sony amazed all of us, notwithstanding, with a brand new trailer during their State of Play occasion prior that we informed you regarding before. This guaranteed more data soon, however the phrasing on their Facebook post sometime later caused it to seem like the game probably won’t be as distant as we once thought.

Just after the State of Play stream, the authority Final Fantasy VII Facebook page posted a similar trailer alongside a message from chief Tetsuya Nomura. The actual message might appear to be really oversimplified, yet one piece of it appeared to stand out.

“Most of the plans are already in place in the run up to launch, so please bear with us a little longer until we can release more information next month.”

We definitely realize that more data would be coming one month from now at E3 by the note toward the finish of the trailer expressing more to come in June. In any case, this message explicitly expresses that they as of now have the majority of the plans set up for the approach send off. You couldn’t feel that could be the situation assuming the game was as several years or all the more away as some have conjectured with how calm Square Enix has been about it.

It’s unmistakable the initial step of that plan is to give us new data at E3 2019 through the Square Enix stream, yet might they at any point truly give us a delivery date or if nothing else a delivery window? With them having their arrangements generally arranged preceding send off, I would agree that a delivery window wouldn’t be absolutely out of the question.

With Kingdom Hearts 3 at long last delivered, Final Fantasy VII Remake is the following significant title from Square Enix that has been being developed for a spell. Assuming the PlayStation 5 is really set to deliver at some point one year from now, maybe Final Fantasy VII Remake could be one of those last significant deliveries preceding the arrival of the new console.

We’ll need to sit back and watch what data Square Enix gives us during their E3 Square Enix Live stream on Monday, June tenth at 6:00 pm PT.

– This article was refreshed on May ninth, 2019

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