The Bird That Drinks Tears game being developed, Krafton Inc declares

Krafton Inc has reported that it has started improvement on a computer game variation of the dream novel The Bird That Drinks Tears. The actual game doesn’t have a name . The first dream novel series has been composed by Lee Young-do, and is a colossal series in South Korea. The point of this game is to carry more attention to The Bird That Drinks Tears, while adjusting a story for it. The game is in early improvement so no delivery date or stages have yet been announced.


The dreamland of The Bird That Drinks Tears is made out of four races; Rekkon, Tokebi, Nhagi, and Humans. The Rekkon are a champion race of monster birds who get weapons only made for them from the Final Forge. The Tokebi depend on Korean trolls and are the mages of the gathering. They have ability with fire and have no feeling of dread toward death as they have a timeless life as Orusin. The Nhagi are a reptile race tracked down in the south of the world among the wildernesses. The people are seen as in the North and have the biggest populace, possessing various urban communities. A worldwide occasion pits individuals from these races together however that is kept a piece dubious in the description.

Ian McCaig, the Design Director for this new venture, said “‘The Bird that Drinks Tears is unlike any other fantasy story I have read, with fresh new ways of exploring human nature. That’s what attracts me most. It’s an epic on a par with The Lord of the Rings or Dune. The fantasy world is fresh and visceral, mingling traditional archetypes with dream and nightmare images that are wholly original. I was working on my own projects at the time; engaging with this meant putting them all aside. It needed to be something incredibly special for me to do that. As it turns out, it was.’”

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