The Last of Us Part II Just Wrapped Shooting Its Final Scene


The Last of Us delivered in the mid year of 2013 as one of the last major PS3 special features in front of the arrival of the PS4 soon thereafter. It has been seeming as though its spin-off could have a similar kind of job in front of the arrival of the PS5, which we got data about recently. While we still truly don’t have the foggiest idea when The Last of Us Part II will be coming without a doubt, a tweet by one of the game’s chiefs makes it sound like they are approaching the finish of no less than one piece of the improvement process.

Neil Druckmann filled in as one of the two chiefs on the primary game and has returned now as the imaginative chief and co-essayist on the spin-off. At the point when you consider The Last of Us, Druckmann is certainly the business name you consider. Subsequently, any data about the game from him is worth discussing.

The most recent piece of data from Druckmann comes politeness of his own Twitter, where he posted a picture of the last page of the content for the game as seen below.

With the picture expressing “The End,” this essentially lets us know that they have wrapped up recording the last scene of the game. Taking into account the game, this probably implies the movement catch process with his utilization of “shot” instead of recording for the sound. The actual page doesn’t actually give us any data either other than the game closures by blurring to black.

While this might seem like they have wrapped shooting completely, Naughty Dog could surely be shooting scenes messed up in the game alongside potential reshoots. Nonetheless, the reality they have done the last scene makes you think they are very far along in the process at this point.

The unavoidable issue remaining is whether The Last of Us Part II will deliver at some point in 2019 or be held for the PS4’s probably final appearance in 2020. I would get it’s presumably the last option like we saw with the primary game, yet what a decent treat it is get the game later this year.

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