Watch the Final Fantasy XVI State of Play gameplay reveal

After years of construct up, Sq. Enix has given us a grand Final Fantasy 16 gameplay reveal with the most recent State of Play stream showcasing 20 minutes of the sport operating on PlayStation 5. Final Fantasy XVI is a PS5 unique popping out on twenty second June 2023.

Set within the fantasy world of Valisthea, the panorama is dominated by the big Mothercrystals that feed the individuals with aether and the flexibility to make use of magicks. The Mothercrystals have given rise to totally different nations and factions, and whereas they’ve co-existed up to now, a Blight is now shattering the peace.

There are six realms in Valisthea and they’re The Grand Duchy of Rosaria, The Holy Empire of Sanbreque, The Kingdom of Waloed, The Dhalmekian Republic, The Iron Kingdom, and The Crystalline Dominion. Each drawns upon a selected Eikon, which tackle the function of summons in FF16 and have some recognisable kinds from earlier video games already proven within the trailers.

Clive Rosfield is our predominant protagonist, witnessing his kingdom destroyed and goes on a revenge quest in pursuit of people who wrought this destruction upon them. The sport takes place throughout three distinct intervals in Clive’s life – his teenagers, twenties and thirties – the story leaping again in a flashback to disclose his earlier life.

The workforce behind FF16 – lots of whom have come throughout from the superb MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 – have opted for a real-time action-based method and even describe it because the “first true action RPG” within the sequence stuffed with loads of bombastic set piece battles. In all equity, this has been the way in which that the sequence has been heading, however some will nonetheless decry the lack of a turn-based system and extra considerate method.

Clive will be taught a big selection of talents taken from the Eikons that he encounters, with the gameplay showcasing a considerable amount of dazzlingly quick sword fight and elemental magical talents – we noticed hearth, ice, lightning and extra. It’s actually quick and livid with broad screen-wide results. When Clive travels with a celebration, gamers will solely concentrate on Clive in battle, with the opposite characters managed by AI and attempting to adapt to your actions. There’s additionally Torgel, the trusty companion hound that may observe Clive all through the journey.

Sid’s Hideaway shall be a hub that encompasses a store to purchase new objects, a forge for upgrading objects, and the Aretis Stone digital coaching space.

Final Fantasy 16 can maintain your hand just a little bit, whether or not that’s letting the sport robotically apply ability upgrades, in addition to that includes accessibility options that embrace a 1-tap auto-attack, an auto-evade and a time-dilating characteristic to broaden the dodging home windows. A ‘Story Focused’ gameplay choice will even be accessible to let the narrative actually take centre stage.

One of many largest additions to the sport is the flexibility to straight management the Eikons, supplying you with the prospect to regulate the large summons you’ve referred to as upon. These moments will apparently play out in quite a lot of methods, relying on the Eikon you’re controlling, and the one you’re combating in opposition to. These are described as swinging from a sumo bout to a 3D scrolling shoot ’em up, and there have been actually moments that seemed like Sega’s Panzer Dragoon earlier than it reduce to a brutal showdown that would have come out a high-quality Energy Rangers episode. It ought to actually assist to combine up the gameplay, and this feels greater than ever like Final Fantasy by the use of Bayonetta. Whether or not you assume that’s a superb factor or not is as much as you.

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