All particular order potions in Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension

When partaking in Alchemical Ascension, you’ll finally must concoct potions for choose prospects. We’ll cowl all particular order potions within the Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension occasion.

Reminder: Not all phases are unlocked but, however we’ll replace you with all particular prospects as soon as they turn out to be out there.

Genshin Impact: Tips on how to craft potions for particular orders in Alchemical Ascension

Throughout this occasion, you’ll be tasked with rising elements, utilizing them to brew potions, and promoting your potions based on the Market News. However other than the same old calls for of consumers, you’ll often be visited by acquainted characters asking for particular potions. We’ll assist you determine the way to craft all particular order potions for the Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension occasion.

 Beidou Eula
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Section 1 – Beidou and Eula

Throughout cycles 8-10, you’ll be visited by Beidou and Eula. Beidou is asking for “A Potion with Constitution efficacy or that displays Relaxing characteristics.” By this level in your potion store journey, you’ll have the technique of brewing Intermediate potions, so that you’ll need to purpose for an Intermediate Structure Potion.

All Special Order Potions In Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension Brew
Screenshot: PC Invasion

To get this precise recipe proper, you’ll need to observe an identical setup right here. Keep in mind, it is advisable to match the elements like puzzle items to get essentially the most bang on your buck. You can even stack two elements collectively on one sq. solely, so make the most of that. Right here’s what mine appeared like:

  • x2 Particular Candy Flower (Structure/Strengthening)
  • x2 Particular Dandelion (Dexterity/Enjoyable)
  • x2 Particular Calla Lily (Structure/Steadying)
  • Really helpful additions: x3 Particular Mushroom (Balanced/Endurance)

Though I didn’t find yourself including the Particular Mushrooms, they solely take up two squares, and with my configuration, you’d be capable to slip in three. That will improve your Tuning Price even additional, providing you with a higher-quality potion.

All Special Order Potions In Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension Constitution
Screenshot: PC Invasion

I positioned it inside an Angeled Drop Bottle, then acquired an Intermediate Structure Potion +2 with Strengthening and Enjoyable efficacies. After crafting this potion, head again to Beidou, and he or she’ll be happy to see her potion. You need to obtain a big sum of cash on your efforts.

 Diona Venti
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Section 2 – Diona and Venti

Throughout Cycles 14-16, you’ll be visited by Diona and Venti. Diona is searching for “A Potion with Wisdom efficacy or that displays Steadying characteristics”, which might be simply achieved by creating an Intermediate Structure and Knowledge Potion.

Diona Potion
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This was the structure I used for this particular order. At this level, I used to be allowed to overlap two squares at a time, giving me much more room to stuff elements. Listed here are all of the elements I used:

  • x4 Particular Calla Lily (Structure/Steadying)
  • x3 Particular Windwheel Aster (Knowledge/Approach)
  • x2 Particular Qingxin (Knowledge/Therapeutic)
Intermediate Constitution Wisdom Potion
Screenshot: PC Invasion

I positioned it inside a Heartstopping Coronary heart Bottle, and put a newly bought Windwheel Aster’s Aroma on it. This earned me an Intermediate Structure & Knowledge Potion +7. This was a hit with Diona, and I acquired an excellent quantity of funds as a reward.

All Special Order Potions In Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension Diluc
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Section 2 – Diluc

The ultimate particular buyer of Section 2 is Diluc, who arrives throughout Cycle 18 and is searching for “A Potion with Constitution and Wisdom efficacy or that displays Focus and Relaxing characteristics”. You may select both, however I made a decision to create an Intermediate Structure & Knowledge Potion.

Constitution Wisdom
Screenshot: PC Invasion

To create a potion with Focus and Enjoyable traits, you should utilize elements such because the Particular Zaytun Peach or the Particular Berry. However in order for you a structure just like the above for a Structure & Knowledge Potion, listed here are the required elements:

  • x3 Particular Qingxin (Knowledge/Therapeutic)
  • x2 Particular Calla Lily (Structure/Steadying)
  • x2 Particular Mushroom (Balanced/Endurance)
  • x1 Particular Candy Flower (Structure/Strengthening)
  • x1 Particular Windwheel Aster (Knowledge/Approach)
  • x1 Particular Violetgrass (Structure/Aromatic)
Diluc Potion
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This got here out as an Intermediate Structure & Knowledge Potion +10 after I positioned it in an Angled Drop Bottle and put a Resplendent as a Crystalfly accent. Diluc appeared to take pleasure in it, as he gave me 65,000 funds for my store.

Should you sustain with promoting potions like this, you’ll finally be capable to earn the Dialogues of the Desert Sages polearm at no cost!

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