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Honkai: Star Rail includes a large roster of 5-star characters, together with the mighty and suave Jing Yuan. This character isn’t only for eye sweet and boasts a robust equipment that has catapulted him as one of many strongest Erudition characters within the sport. Jing Yuan is joined by a non-playable ally named Lightning Lord, who takes their very own turns and offers an enormous quantity of harm primarily based on what number of instances Jing Yuan can use his Talent and Final. This makes Jing Yuan dish out an obscene quantity of AoE injury. To buff his injury capabilities, we’ll take a look at a number of the greatest crew comps for Jing Yuan in Honkai: Star Rail.

Jing Yuan is a 5-star Electrical Erudition character and may solely be summoned when he’s featured on the Character Occasion Warp banner. When he’s included within the Character Occasion Warp banner, you have got a 50% likelihood of rolling him the primary time you roll a 5-star character, with a assured Jing Yuan by 180 pulls. (Try how the pity system on this sport works right here.) You should definitely preserve an eye fixed out for present and future Character Occasion Warp banners to see if Jing Yuan is featured to your account. Learn on to see a number of the greatest crew comps for Jing Yuan in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail: Jing Yuan greatest crew comps

Jing Yuan Team Comps Honkai Star Rail

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Jing Yuan is an Erudition character who offers heavy AoE injury. Whereas some Erudition characters battle towards bosses as a result of low single-target injury, this isn’t the case for Jing Yuan. Jing Yuan does carry out greatest towards AoE mobs, however because of his Lightning Lord, he can nonetheless dish out some nice injury towards bosses and work as your predominant DPS unit. Subsequently, we have to pair Jing Yuan up with characters who can buff his injury. Listed below are a few of Jing Yuan’s greatest teammates in Honkai: Star Rail.

  • Tingyun: Tingyun has a few benefits over Bronya in a Jing Yuan crew. Tingyun’s injury buffs final for a number of turns, which signifies that her injury buffs also can have an effect on Lightning Lord offered he assaults rapidly sufficient. Tingyun’s Final additionally supplies Jing Yuan with a burst of power for his Final, which may permit him to Final extra and stack extra Lightning Lord buffs. Tingyun is without doubt one of the greatest buffers for Jing Yuan, along with her solely disadvantage being the identical ingredient as Jing Yuan, which can prohibit the Toughness Break you deal towards bosses.
  • Bronya: Bronya is a helpful Concord character for Jing Yuan as she will be able to haste Jing Yuan and make him act instantly, which may doubtlessly improve the stacks of his Lightning Lord offered you have got the Talent Factors. One factor to remember is her injury buff from her Talent solely lasts 1 flip. As Jing Yuan is assured to behave subsequent, if he receives Bronya’s injury buff, then Lightning Lord won’t ever obtain the ATK buff from her.
  • Asta: Asta is a good buffer for Jing Yuan as she will be able to enhance his SPD along with her Final, which may doubtlessly give Jing Yuan extra turns. Extra turns imply extra alternatives to offer stacks to Lightning Lord. Her ATK buff is extra insignificant in comparison with Tingyun and Bronya, which suggests she is greatest used as a complement to both Tingyun or Bronya slightly than as your Jing Yuan’s major buffer.
  • Keep in mind to carry a healer like Bailu or Natasha to assist complement Jing Yuan, or maybe a defensive tank unit like March seventh or Fireplace Trailblazer. One thing to remember is Bailu can also be an Electrical unit. It’s possible you’ll profit extra by bringing Natasha in case you are utilizing Jing Yuan alongside Tingyun, however this is dependent upon the content material you might be going through.
Jing Yuan Team Comps Honkai Star Rail 2

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With this in thoughts, listed here are some instance groups:

  • Jing Yuan / Tingyun / Bronya / Natasha or Bailu
  • Jing Yuan / Tingyun / Asta / Natasha (free-to-play pleasant)
  • Jing Yuan / Tingyun / March seventh / Natasha or Bailu (tankier crew)

Honkai: Star Rail is obtainable now.

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