Chernobylite Review (PS5): Is It Worth Playing?

Chernobylite is a troublesome game to categorize. Designer The Farm 51 has called it an endurance loathsomeness RPG, yet in the wake of expenditure 30 hours with the game, I wouldn’t agree that that is appallingly exact on the grounds that there’s likewise a seriously solid spotlight on procedure. I surmise a ‘science-fiction survival game with a twist of strategy, horror, and roleplaying’ is presumably too lengthy to even consider utilizing as a type though.

The game is set 30 years after the atomic debacle at Chernobyl and it’s presently a perilous spot. In addition to the fact that lingering radiation found all through is the whole region, with more grounded pockets making a few regions unavailable, NAR officers routinely watch the zones and will shoot without hesitation. An abnormal material called chernobylite is likewise spreading over the area and it has properties that consider instant transportation, the formation of superweapons, and, surprisingly, a substitute aspect. The catch is it has likewise made a race of beasts known as Shadows and they’re generally glad to tear you apart.

Chernobylite survey – An unfriendly wasteland

Players are placed in the shoes of atomic physicist Igor, still up in the air to figure out what befell his better half who vanished not long before the calamity. At the point when a heist into the Chernobyl Power Plant turns out badly, he is compelled to withdraw and reevaluate his choices. Presently hanging out in a distribution center in Pripyat, he wants to accumulate apparatuses, intel, and supportive mates on the off chance that his heist is to at any point find success. To do this he wants to finish missions across a small bunch of guides that address various region of the prohibition zone.

Igor isn’t the one in particular that can finish the missions. Any of his friends can take on missions with various paces of accomplishment relying upon their assets. This could be simply investigating the zone, getting assets from NAR powers, or a story mission, yet missions can be fizzled and any of the characters can bite the dust in the event that it turns out badly. Missions additionally have discretionary targets to finish that offer XP, such as finding brokers, yet the gamble versus reward is generally in your sub-conscience. The main issue is that the five areas become monotonous and you’re before long going through each guide attempting to finish goals as fast as possible.


Throughout each story mission, there are difficult choices to be made. The dynamic component of the game is one of the most amazing I’ve at any point seen with real outcomes that influence Igor’s future. Not exclusively will Igor’s associates think about him in an unexpected way, yet these choices can likewise influence which buddies can be enrolled, whether other NPC characters live or pass on, how future missions like the heist work out, and even which missions are accessible later. In any case, in the event that a player could do without a choice, it doesn’t need to be permanent.

Whenever Igor passes on, he is moved to a memory aspect where each choice can be changed at a little cost of chernobylite. Any contentions this makes should then be settled before Igor gets back to the real world. A mission that turned out badly might be erased from memory and replayed completely back in reality. In the event that conditions aren’t positive going into the last heist, there are a lot of chances to transform it. A player who needs to encounter everything in a solitary playthrough will benefit the most as they observe nothing turns out to be totally inaccessible.

The results of player freedom

Story missions are presented in a nonlinear style and it’s altogether up to the player whether they’re finished. Indeed, even the last heist can be endeavored before every one of the missions have been finished. The main issue is that the absence of linearity makes coherence issues regarding character connections. One sans spoiler model was the point at which a choice plainly enraged a buddy, just for that ally to salute our prosperity upon Igor’s re-visitation of the stockroom. The game might have been exceptional off with a straight mission structure as opposed to offering such a lot of player freedom.

As time elapses, the more the chernobylite spreads, and the quantity of Shadows increments. While the Shadows add the ghastliness component and an uncomfortable climate, the shock factor wears off after the initial not many experiences. Their development is unsurprising, they become not any more scary than the troopers, and the frightfulness component is lost totally. Hypothetically, the additional time Igor spends in the prohibition zone, the harder the missions become. Be that as it may, this is balanced by the abilities he gains from his mates and his redesigned weapons.


Missions aren’t all that matters, however, as distribution center administration is pretty much as essential as mission achievement. There should be sufficient food to take care of everybody. Their everyday environments should be agreeable. In particular, air quality, radiation security, and power supplies should be sufficient. Igor likewise needs to construct the workbenches to redesign weapons, assemble the most recent state of the art innovation, and keep his provisions bested up. Every one of those workbenches will negatively affect no less than one of these classifications and acceptable everyday environments become a difficult exercise. With unpreferable everyday environments, the possibilities of a friend prevailing at a mission start to fall.

Chernobylite is anything but an ideal game. Beside the congruity issues and the repulsiveness that crashes and burns, there were two or three game crashes as well. Be that as it may, the game has bounty more up-sides, including great navigation, how much opportunity with base structure, and straightforward yet fulfilling group the board. Chernobylite is definitely worth dunking into for a couple of hours as long as you recollect the game isn’t intended to be an AAA experience.

7.5Bronze Trohpy
  • Decision making has an unmistakable impact
  • Simple yet fulfilling sidekick management
  • Plenty of opportunity with base building
  • Horror viewpoints crash and burn after a while
  • Nonlinear mission structure leaves coherence issues

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