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What looks like aeons after it was first introduced, Dead Island 2 is lastly right here, and in the event you haven’t but had your fill of zombie video games, HELL-A makes for a sun-soaked zombie-bashing playground, armed with an array of untamed weaponry. Has it been well worth the wait, although?

The sport picks up as a bunch of survivors attempt to make their escape from an overrun LA, taking the final flight out of the quarantined metropolis. In fact, that doesn’t go fairly to plan. You  crash, get bitten and by chance uncover that you just’re not solely immune, however are granted superpowers by the zombie virus.

Whereas it is a sequel, it actually feels extra like a full reboot as you chase the promise of a vaccine, getting survivors to security, and uncover the background of the outbreak and the federal government and army’s inevitable position in its disastrous fallout. It’s retreading such acquainted zombie apocalypse floor and feels prefer it’s going by way of the motions because it does so, although there’s a extra up and offbeat tone all through. There’s loads of bigger than life, if trope-filled characters, and a few enjoyable and weird parts like the military attempting to soften zombies in acid swimming pools — I’m positive that smells beautiful.

In the event you have been hoping for an enormous, open-world rendition of LA, this isn’t it. The town has been carved up right into a dozen smaller places from its landmarks and neighbourhoods. There’s Bel-Air and Beverly Hills, a pastiched Hollywood backlot, and when you get downtown, there’s large open boulevards, the enduring Santa Monica pier and extra. There’s moments the place this looks like an open world, however it’s usually a extra linear feeling sport as you comply with that essential path by way of the story with the yellow dots on the HUD main the best way.

Dead Island 2 FLESH system

The true meat of the sport is the fight, and it’s as weighty, visceral and fulfilling as ever. You possibly can purchase weapons that do have some use, however actually Dead Island 2 is all about its sensationalised melee fight. There’s gruesomely detailed FLESH harm mannequin that emerges as you slice, cube, bash and mash the zombies — flaying flesh and carving off limbs to disclose the skeleton and organs which are nonetheless intact, earlier than executing extreme ending strikes that see you chop them in half or punching by way of a face. Add that to drop kicks and hammer blows that may ship them flying, and it’s slapstick comedy violence versus being gross-out gore.

As you get increasingly more highly effective, so do the zombie risks that you just face. After beginning off with fundamental Shamblers, there’s sooner Runners, hulking Crushers, Screamers and others which have highly effective skills. Even into the ultimate third of the sport, Dead Island 2 continues to dole out new particular zombies, each launched as a part of a enjoyable boss battle set piece to punctuate the story.

Dead Island 2 2022 Machete

Fortunately, you rapidly begin studying the right way to craft the ridiculous and over-the-top weapons which have change into synonymous with Dead Island and Techland’s religious successor, Dying Mild. In fact, strapping some batteries to a machete will make it a lightning sword, and this bag stuffed with random junk will make that fireside axe an axe of fireplace — that’s, in the event you handle to seek out the mandatory blueprints for all of those mods and upgrades.

Elemental harm performs an enormous position in what could be a extra thought of method to fight, making use of swimming pools of water, leaking fuel canisters and throwable ‘curveballs’ to take out a number of enemies without delay – electrocution being significantly useful for freezing them in place whilst you proceed to deal harm. Dead Island 2 ultimately takes it a number of steps additional than that, although, feeding off zombification for later weaponry.

Your skills are additionally augmented by the zombie virus coursing by way of your character’s veins, ultimately constructing as much as embody the Rage that sends you right into a zombie-tearing frenzy for a number of moments. Every character has a pair of innate skills and strengths in fight — Dani, who I performed as, is all about heavy assaults and significant harm — however after that there’s a card-based ability system that regularly opens up, providing you with selections over character skills as elementary as blocking and dodging, giving incremental perks, or stepping into on risk-reward gameplay selections. This may be modified on the fly, so for a boss encounter, I shelved the playing cards that gave perks for repeated zombie kills in favour of getting well being for a profitable dodge, and the like.

Dead Island 2 Skills Deck

There’s motion RPG roots beneath all this, so reaching a brand new space means zombies are greater levelled and more durable, however there’s nonetheless an uncommon ebb and circulate to the quantity of harm that zombies can absorb at instances. It’s price doing the odd aspect mission to assist increase your XP, however you’ll additionally must ensure you’re commonly stripping down and changing your augmented weapons to deal excessive harm.

That is the sort of sport that’s at its greatest in co-op, letting you ramp up the silliness, mix over-the-top skills, choose one another up in the event you’re downed, and usually simply whale upon your enemies like your slapping pool cues off an undead barman’s head whereas Queen is blaring on the jukebox.

Dead Island 2 2022 Night

There’s just some wrinkles and limitations to the three-player co-op that received on our nerves whereas taking part in, although they’re pretty slight within the grand scheme of issues. Firstly, there’s no cross-platform co-op at launch, regardless of leaning on Epic Video games’ infrastructure for on-line play, and inside cross-generation play, the bottom Xbox One and PlayStation 4 can’t host co-op, solely be part of.

Probably the most annoying level is that whereas stage scaling is in impact, you may’t be part of a sport the place the progress is past your individual character save. In the event you’re taking part in with associates, you higher hold a save in lockstep with them otherwise you’ll be repeating the identical ranges thrice over. I get the will from creators to maintain the integrity of their narratives, however on the similar time… it is a daft schlocky zombie basher. Pop up a warning, positive, however allow us to overrule that and play anyway.

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