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Over the years, there have been many games that debuted on consoles and PC, that felt perfect for potential mobile versions. Dicey Dungeons ($4.99) took things further. It even looked like it was built for mobile interactions from the start, but it is the rare game that feels amazing with touch or button controls across all platforms. The deckbuilding roguelike dungeon crawler hybrid experience Dicey Dungeons is a fascinating game that might be my favorite mobile game of 2022 even though it is a late port. I’ve now played it across Steam Deck, Switch, and iOS for audit, and will contrast those adaptations and the iOS discharge likewise with my other port reviews.

If you’ve some way or another not knew about Terry Cavanagh and play versatile games, he has delivered and is generally known for the splendid Super Hexagon and VVVVVV. At the point when Dicey Dungeons was at last affirmed for versatile, I was very nearly 100% it would play best on iOS. Having now played it on iPad and iPhone close by the Switch and Steam Deck, the iOS port is almost great, and the couple of issues I have probably won’t annoy you at all.

Before getting into the port and versatile rendition highlights, Dicey Dungeons is an extremely amazing game. It appears to be clear at first, however is a masterclass in plan for however long you’re good with some RNG. You investigate prisons as a mobile dice in procedurally created pandemonium including dice rolls, a splendid soundtrack, extraordinary visuals, and that’s just the beginning. Dicey Dungeons at first felt like it could wear ragged following an hour or thereabouts, however it opens up such a great amount with new characters to cause all that to feel new by and by. It likewise helps that the portable form has shown up with extra free satisfied at every turn making this an astonishing worth package.

Dicey Dungeons mobile review

What makes Dicey Dungeons stand apart from different games like Slay the Spire, other than taking care of a comparative crowd, is the way it mixes in puzzles with its deckbuilding and roguelite interactivity. While different games incline vigorously on the irregular components, Dicey Dungeons feels equivalent part puzzle in a portion of the stages. This is raised by how every one of the playable characters expands the test and presents new mechanics. It is not necessarily the case that the beginning person is exhausting, yet the plan for the other later characters is extremely exceptional, and advancing toward the last level and manager for each person in their own episodes will test you for sure.

The different floors, character plans, adversaries, and activitys are astounding. I’ve generally loved the tasteful from the underlying uncover, yet seeing it moving on high goal shows truly strikes a chord with how cleaned and dazzling Dicey Dungeons looks and feels. Marlowe Dobbe’s specialty merits an artbook discharge without a doubt. One thing to remember is that the game isn’t locally fullscreen on present day iOS gadgets. There are fittingly shaded borders that you can cripple, yet I left them on the grounds that this is one of the most outstanding instances of carrying out a boundary for a game intended for 16:9 showcases brought to iOS.

Dicey Dungeons mobile review

This arrival of Dicey Dungeons on iOS and Android incorporates the game, the Halloween reward load with its own new happy, and the new Reunion DLC that showed up on different stages a similar time the portable rendition sent off. Indeed, even without the free DLC and reward content, Dicey Dungeons is more than worth the asking cost on mobile.

Performance on my iPhone 11 and iPad Pro has been great. The feature of the portable adaptation is the heap times. Dicey Dungeons loads close to immediately on iOS contrasted with the Switch adaptation. The PC rendition additionally stacks close to immediately like iOS on Steam Deck.

Dicey Dungeons mobile review

When it comes to the controls, Dicey Dungeons has wonderful touch controls that are responsive and instinctive. It truly makes me more frustrated in how Slay the Spire actually hasn’t seen control enhancements. Dicey Dungeons plays best with contact controls. As a matter of fact, I’ve been utilizing contact controls on Switch and Steam Deck too. It takes care of business all around well with a regulator on those stages as well, however the versatile variant doesn’t have regulator support at this point. Essentially it didn’t work with my DualSense regulator. This isn’t a dealbreaker for me given how well the touch controls are, yet it is worth focusing on in any control center/PC to versatile conversion.

Dicey Dungeons apparently doesn’t have iCloud synchronizing support between iOS gadgets. This is disheartening without a doubt, yet it has an Edit Progress choice to let players from different stages or between gadgets physically move progress by picking which character and episode you need to open. This is a fascinating expansion and method for letting individuals “bring over” progress, however I’d have favored legitimate iCloud sync as a choice between iOS gadgets. Assuming it is in, I’ve not had the option to inspire it to work across 2 different iCloud accounts on 4 gadgets.

I know the sit tight for Dicey Dungeons on versatile has been much longer than I expected, however it has been worth the effort to see the game delivery in such a cleaned state. While it has a couple of issues that I trust can be fixed in expected refreshes, Dicey Dungeons is plain splendid and an ideal fit on iOS. In the event that you really hate deckbuilders or could do without any RNG, this probably won’t be for you. Assuming you delighted in Slay the Spire, I figure you will adore Dicey Dungeons. It will be hard for anything on versatile to top this for me, and I’m anticipating encountering the new DLC on Switch this end of the week during parts from playing Sunbreak having played the base game and looked at the DLC for audit on iOS.

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