Earthworks ICON USB Microphone Review: Is It Worth Buying?


After leaving endlessly completely dazzled by the Earthworks Ethos mouthpiece that I reviewed over on GameRevolution, after which it turned into my everyday driver for my recording needs, I was all exceptionally anxious to attempt Earthworks’ USB leader, which has a more extensive scope of similarity including consoles like the PS5 and PS4. Does it convey sound deserving of the exorbitant cost tag? Here is my Earthworks ICON USB receiver review.

Stainless preparing the show

Earthworks ICON USB Microphone Review

It’s evident that Earthworks knows the benefit of establishing a decent first connection. The exceptional bundling welcomes you in and the welcome message within the crate is a beautiful touch. Notwithstanding, the receiver acquires the principal heave of unexpected, yet wonderful treat with its tempered steel development and impressive weight. It’s little yet significant. The ICON USB is damn gorgeous with an immortal plan that will look the business at anybody’s work area or gaming setup.

The ICON USB accompanies a little substitute the case. While this stand isn’t exceptionally noteworthy or valuable, the Triad-Orbit M2-R ball mount is unadulterated virtuoso. This little ball mount takes into consideration progressed adaptability dissimilar to anything I’ve seen previously. However the gave stand is just truly great for voyaging, the ball mount is something that you’ll need to utilize everywhere.

The old familiar

Earthworks ICON USB Microphone Review

The back of the receiver is home to an increase handle, 3.5 mm jack for earphones, and a Micro-USB port. That last spec may container to some of you, as I was likewise shocked to see Micro-USB on a cutting edge, premium gadget like this.

Connecting the ICON USB up and preparing it to record is basically as straightforward as connecting it with the gave USB link. From that point, associated gadgets will see it as a contribution for the receiver and a result for sound through the earphone jack. I tried this mouthpiece with my PC and PS5.

Impressive out-of-the-crate sound

Right out of the door, I was dazzled with exactly how great the ICON USB sounds. Its out-of-the-container sound is without a doubt top level for a USB mouthpiece. I was promptly astonished at how the mic took care of the low finish of my voice, which is generally too boomy, with the mids and highs likewise coming through pleasantly. It’s like the lift in presence that I ordinarily add with EQ, yet that isn’t required here. I think it satisfies Earthworks’ commitment of “sounds like life” however with an unobtrusive piece of sheen that makes for an exceptionally satisfying generally sound.

It’s extremely uncommon that I’ll hear an out-of-the-mic sound and not promptly need to clean it up with a few EQ for lifts and cuts. Earthworks is going for straightforwardness here and it accompanies no significant trade offs… Well, perhaps there is one: no underlying receiver monitoring.

Monitoring woes

Earthworks ICON USB Microphone Review

Maybe I’m simply used to different mouthpieces that have an earphone jack giving implicit observing, however I found it bumping when I connected the ICON USB and couldn’t promptly hear myself. I consider mouthpiece checking a high priority even in easygoing use, so it is frustrating to not see the element here. Presently, there is a workaround on PC that can bring about low-inactivity observing, however it conflicts with the entire fitting and-play nature of this device.

As for console clients, I’ve found no chance of making it work. PS5 won’t playback mouthpiece sound when in-game, so clients are basically hard of hearing to how they sound, which is especially tricky while utilizing shut back earphones, as most gamers keep an eye on do.

Little light show

Earthworks ICON USB Microphone Review

Though you can’t hear yourself simply by connecting earphones, you can essentially see whether you’re communicating thanks to a little light pointer. This light likewise tells you assuming you’re on quiet, a capability that is enacted by pushing the increase handle. I really hate handles like this having extra capabilities, as an endeavor to quiet could result in coincidentally knocking up the increase, however I didn’t encounter that issue with the ICON USB, as the handle requires a smidgen more power to twist.

Earthworks ICON USB Microphone Review: The last verdict

Earthworks ICON USB Microphone Review

At $349, the Earthworks ICON USB is most certainly up there with regards to the cost for a USB mic. All things considered, my typical USB mic proposals of the HyperX QuadCast S and Elgato Wave 3 both come in at under a portion of the cost of Earthworks offering. In any case, those mics don’t flaunt similar great form and stylish as the ICON USB.

For the top notch value, clients are getting top-level attachment and-play sound without the need to play with settings. A basic item accomplishes progressed quality and looks great getting it done. On the off chance that you can’t escape the Earthworks tasteful, yet require a USB input, the ICON USB is definitely worth considering, spending plan permitting.

ICON USB mouthpiece survey unit was given by Earthworks Audio.

8.0 Silver Trohpy

  • Out-of-the-container sound is top-tier.
  • Fabulous form quality.
  • Looks mind blowing and stylish.
  • Straightforward and successful solution.
  • Virtuoso ball mount.

  • Expensive.
  • Needs implicit earphone monitoring.
  • Miniature USB connection.

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