Eiyuden Chronicle Rising Review (PS5)

After an extraordinarily well known run on kickstarter, one that saw it become the top backed game of 2020, we at long last get an opportunity to get only a brief look at the Eiyuden Chronicle with the arrival of Rising. This prequel to Hundred Heroes embarks to give a little origin story into the characters and put everything out on the table for the large delivery. Engineer Rabbit & Bear, included Suikoden veterans, is meaning to get enthusiasts of that series and newbies too, to this story. The central issue is, does the prequel get us invigorated for what might be on the horizon or not. Find out underneath with our Eiyuden Chronicle Rising Review.

New Neveah Gets a Face Lift

Eiyuden Chronicle Rising Review

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising places players into the shoes of youthful swashbuckler CJ, who has run to the town of New Neveah looking for treasure. The town, under new authority, has opened up the mines close by for those able to overcome them for treasure, however with an expense. As CJ shows up in the town, with no cash close by, she discovers that to get to the mines, she should perform errands in and out of town. Each time one is finished, CJ will acquire a stamp and when she gets enough, she will be permit to go fortune hunting. This is the essential core of the game and story, as CJ and mates should help in and out of town and afterward look for rune focal points, particularly humungous ones.

As you begin to finish an ever increasing number of journeys, you are then approached to help develop the town for all the approaching swashbuckler’s. That implies going into the Forest, Quarry, and Runebarrows to finish tasks that the residents have given you. As you turn them in, new structures will begin to go up and existing ones will convey more stock. Seeing as questing is the principal part of the game, it’s a little it is very obsolete and unwieldy to frustrate that the questing framework. Around there is a board where you can see all missions accessible, no one but you can’t acknowledge them there. No, you need to track down where the individual, acknowledge it, complete it, and afterward return to that individual to hand it over. A basic and more smoothed out drew closer would have been great here, rather than the ever changing all over town that we got.

2.5D, Side looked over, and Ready for Action

Eiyuden Chronicle Rising Review

Outside of the town building, you will invest a ton of your energy battling your direction through the different areas of the game. Battle is taken care of in 2.5D design, side looking over you to boundlessness. It’s a positive peculiarity going in, particularly in the event that you are thinking as a Suikoden fan and expecting some exemplary turn based RPG goodness, yet it’s anything but something terrible, truth be told, it’s kept rather close and clean, with your party comprising of three characters, however just a solitary playable whenever. Each character has yet a solitary assault and an exceptional assault (which I genuinely neglected existed a large portion of the game), and it’s on the player to switch between the three as required. Simplified really by the reality each character is called out by a solitary face button, so square for CJ, triangle for another, and so on. The objective here is to chain these changes between characters to made a steel assault. You can likewise change it to a much less difficult mode, where you essentially press a solitary button and the game auto assaults and auto switches characters.

There are around 10 principal adversaries you see all through the game, however in every space you see them, they could have an alternate wizardry proclivity, so it can get a smidgen dreary. You will likewise wind up battling them a ton, as there is a ton of this way and that crossing through the areas, like inside the town. Fortunately, when you clear a region, it stays clear until you leave the prison totally. Where it truly sparkles however is with the supervisor fights, which are again genuinely straight forward and straightforward, yet at the same time pleasant as you learn assault examples to bring them down. These supervisors additionally for the most part take up the whole screen and are extremely vivid and loaded with movement. After you complete the game, you can open hard mode, which adds some trouble, however never enough to terrify you off.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Review – Final Verdict

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a decent game that acquaints you with a splendid and bright cast of characters and the world they occupy. It’s straightforward, with the fundamental story missions costing me 10 hours, however it has barely enough of an impression without outstaying its gladly received. I truly do stress that it’s delivering all in all too early contrasted with the fundamental section and with a game centered around questing, it’s so disheartening how seriously the questing framework and UI is arrangement. There is likewise a great deal of unnecessary backtracking that might have been kept away from. Everything that being expressed, it’s a decent beginning and for those Suikoden spreads out there, it draws out a ton of wistfulness and minutes that vibe like Suikoden. Extraordinary beginning from Rabbit & Bear, we can hardly hold on to see what’s next.

7.5Bronze Trohpy
  • Characters are vivid and special, exchange is well done
  • Town building, even with the questing issues, is enjoyable
  • Combat is straightforward however powerful enough to not get boring
  • For those requiring a Suikoden fix, portions of the game truly fulfill that itch
  • The questing framework makes things more dreary than they should be.
  • Similar to the questing, wandering through the Runebarrows is a great deal of backtracking.

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