EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid Earphones Review – A Particular Set of Skills

The EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid gaming headphones have an exceptionally specific arrangement of abilities. Abilities EPOS has procured over an extremely lengthy profession. Abilities that make the 270 Hybrids a bad dream for rivals like Sennheiser. They will track down you, and they will kill you.

Scratch that. They won’t kill you. And keeping in mind that they are glorious at sending their specific arrangement of abilities, those abilities are ostensibly somewhat too specific, too slender in scope, to make the 270 Hybrids a genuine bad dream contender.

EPOS has made the GTW 270 Hybrid gaming headphones to take care of a particular – however sizeable – companion of gamers: we who need to utilize Bluetooth sound gadgets with our Nintendo Switches and PS5s without falling back on fiddly workarounds.

They fill that specialty impeccably. Making your 270 Hybrids ready truly is all around as basic as connecting a wonderfully loseable little USB-C dongle, and it works with any USB-C port, meaning you can likewise pay attention to music on your PC, lead video calls, etc.

And while you’re most likely all around acquainted with matching your handset with Bluetooth headphones, you’ll in any case profit from decreased dormancy in the event that you listen through the dongle, which enjoys its benefits in gaming and calls.

Before we get into the purposes and restrictions of the EPOS GTW 270 Hybrids, however, we should pause for a minute to respect the structure component and fabricate quality.


The EPOS GTW 270 Hybrids cost about £180 new. That is huge load of cash for a couple of headphones. Fortunately they look like it.

The headphones themselves are heavy looking yet light to the point of being agreeable and secure in your ear. Not at all like Apple’s Earpods and the endless headphones that copy their fundamental plan, the 270 Hybrids sit in the bowl of your ear (the concha, physically talking), with no downwards-pointing stalk.

Every ear is unique, yet we viewed the 270 Hybrids as entirely agreeable and secure. They’re essentially imperceptible from the front, too.

The charging case that you store them in is unthinkably up-to-date. It’s done in matte charcoal and reassuringly heavy, similar to a contraption from a James Bond film. The equivalent goes for the actual headphones, however the external surface is a dull steel, decorated with the organization’s carefully straightforward logo.

Form factor-wise, the 270 Hybrids are unadulterated class.


In terms of sound, the EPOS GTW 270 Hybrids are entirely decent, with great detachment and soundstage. They’re adjusted as opposed to bassy, which isn’t really the well known decision for music, however great for gaming.

What matters while you’re playing Fortnite is clearness, and the 270 Hybrids have that in overflow thanks not exclusively to the accuracy of the sound profile yet to the low idleness dongle. The double mics give clear sound from your side, as well – however not in a gaming setting, which we’ll make sense of in the following segment.

While the 270 Hybrids don’t accompany ANC, they’re very great at detached commotion wiping out because of the way that you bung them squarely into your earholes, making it hard for some other clamors to get in. All things considered, assuming you’re explicitly on the lookout for headphones that will kill surrounding sounds, you might need to look somewhere else.


Battery-insightful, EPOS guarantees that the 270 Hybrids can convey a five-hour charge, with a further 15 hours from the case. We viewed this as precise. As a matter of fact, we haven’t expected to charge the case since taking receipt of the headphones seven days prior, so battery execution gives off an impression of being vigorous.

To keep an eye on the case’s battery level, you simply have to press a little button on the front to illuminate various blue LEDs comparing with the leftover charge.

We won’t exhaust you with subtleties of the Bluetooth matching methodology, other than to say there are two: one for matching the headphones with your telephone or other Bluetooth gadget, and one more for matching them with the dongle. The dongle comes pre-matched, however, so you might very well never need to counsel the guidelines.

One detail we especially value in the 270 Hybrids is the presence of an actual button for on-gadget controls. We would say, signal controls are fiddly and chafing, so it’s extraordinary that EPOS has picked to shun them.

The autoplay usefulness functions admirably, as well, for certain whimsies. At the point when you have the two headphones in, the music plays. At the point when you take out the left one, the music go on morally justified. At the point when you take out the right one, the music stops in the left one until you set it back in – however the track continues to play through the right headphone, for example the one you’re holding in your right hand, miles from your ear, so if you would rather not miss any of your digital recording or melody you really want to stop it physically.


As we’ve proactively demonstrated, the EPOS GTX 270 Hybrids are awesome at what they do. The dongle works flawlessly, from the outset, and in the event that all you need as a gamer is to have the option to play your Switch or PS5 with headphones in, they’re a straight sure thing.

But if you have any desire to have the option to hear AND talk through the 270 Hybrids while messing around, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. While the double receivers permit you to lead full discussions in Bluetooth mode, the sound is completely one-way in dongle mode.

That implies the 270 Hybrids are not a substitution for a legitimate gaming headset. They’re for those particular circumstances where you’re playing on your Switch or your PS5, and you would rather not upset others, and you don’t need the bother of wires.

At £180-odd, they’re a costly recommendation for such a limited arrangement of purposes. And keeping in mind that they’re great for music, offering a reasonable and exact sound, there are better and more sonically energizing choices at a lower price.

That said, we’re not mindful of some other headphones with the EPOS GTX 270 Hybrid’s specific arrangement of abilities.

If you’re searching for a great, snappy, consistently functional contraption for transforming your Switch or PS5 into a gadget that upholds Bluetooth sound, and you wouldn’t fret paying a premium for the honor, you can pull the trigger on these unafraid of disappointment.

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