EPOS H3Pro Hybrid Gaming Headset Review

It’s consoling to see producers paying attention to their clients. While organizations like Apple apparently settle spontaneously to eliminate highlights – I’m as yet sore about the iPhone’s lost earphone jack – you have EPOS over here it are turning out to be logically more comprehensive to assemble headsets that. The EPOS H3Pro Hybrid suggests itself as an over-ear headset that highlights remote network, Bluetooth, and, that number one of sound buffs and ordinary individuals the same, a 3.5mm association. It even has a removable mic. What’s more, dynamic commotion crossing out. Taking a gander at this, isn’t it better to add highlights as opposed to taking them away?

The EPOS H3Pro Hybrid may very well be everything to all individuals, and it sells itself much further by seeming to be a genuinely top of the line piece of sound tech. Our survey unit came in dashing green, however it’s a strikingly appealing headset in any event, when you look past the British auto history. The dark green is counterbalanced by gold features and dark equipment and I need to say it’s the most attractive paint work I’ve found in some time. The second you open the crate you will be stricken with it, and each time I got it I stopped to see the value in both the eye-getting looks and the materials that EPOS has used.

EPOS H3Pro Hybrid Build


The focal casing of the H3Pro Hybrid is powerful hardened steel, with the flexible metal sliders adjusting emphatically properly to ensure you can view as the ideal fit. The headband is fixed with extravagant cowhide and delicate finished texture and it feels incredible, both in your grasp and on your head. Every one of the delicate ear pads is fixed remotely with cowhide to help latent clamor scratch-off while there’s uncommonly delicate texture inside to sit against your skin. Here EPOS has considered each component and everything meets up in earnest fashion.

As a remote headset the EPOS H3Pro Hybrid accompanies it’s own low-dormancy USB-A dongle, as well as an augmentation link in the event that you want it. It’s viable with PC, PS4, and PS5, and conveys completely clear sound with next to no observable slack or twisting. Jumping over to the 3.5mm association permits you to interface it to essentially all the other things, so your Xbox Series X or playing with Google Stadia is covered here, while Bluetooth hoovers up cell phones or a Nintendo Switch. Assuming that you have numerous gadgets this is the headset for you.

There’s a lot of battery duration to help that large number of various configurations as well, with 42 hours without dynamic commotion dropping (ANC) and 19 hours with ANC empowered. Charge time is a quick two hours, which is convenient as need might arise to ensure that you keep it bested up; very much like a hoverboard over water – much appreciated, shaky Back to the Future reference – you want power regardless of whether you’re simply utilizing the wired 3.5mm connection.

EPOS H3Pro Hybrid ANC

Adding ANC is an intriguing decision, not least on the grounds that the H3Pro Hybrid has great aloof clamor retraction in any case, and that is without coming down on your ears. The ANC has a committed switch, and enacting it acquires the obvious murmur of the sound handling. It surely decreases steady foundation clamor, yet it’s not the extraordinary quiet you get from top level endeavors from Sony, Apple or Bose. It’s the main component here that doesn’t feel like it’s at the pinnacle of headset configuration, however a welcome incorporation helps cut out the rest of the world a little more.

The ANC utilizes an installed ear cup receiver, which seems OK when the blast arm is separable. All producers who maintain that individuals should think carefully outside the house ought to allow you to segregate a mic arm, and the solid magnets on the H3Pro Hybrid work effectively of keeping it immovably set up when you really do need it there. There’s a little attractive cap that covers the attachment as well, however close by the humble USB dongle it’s something I’m stressed over losing.

EPOS H3Pro Hybrid Microphone

The ear-cup amplifier’s presentation is totally fine for calls, and the odd snapshot of talk where you’re simply getting the headset for a couple of seconds, yet assuming you’re leaving on a significant Warzone meeting you’ll need the blast mic. EPOS have their mouthpiece constructs made certain about now, and the H3Pro Hybrid mic is extraordinarily clear, conveying both your dulcet, and not really dulcet, tones straightforwardly to your anticipating public’s ears. To the extent that gaming headset amplifiers go, this is among the best.

While you’ll sound extraordinary, all that you hear is carried to you with an amazing degree of clearness and genuine feeling. Past that, the H3Pro Hybrid makes it fun just to pay attention to content, whether that is games, motion pictures or music. I’ve been solace gaming once more, making a beeline for Assassin’s Creed III on a course through Black Flag and Rogue. The fantastic voice acting here sounds balanced, with both detail and profundity, while the soundtrack and surrounding commotions wrap you in a soundscape that the H3Pro imitates outstandingly. Regardless of the shut back plan, there’s a pleasingly wide soundstage here as well, capably helping the feeling of scale.

The just drawback to this form quality and list of capabilities is that EPOS are charging a genuine premium for it. With a RRP of £239, it’s right at the top finish of what you can hope to pay for a gaming headset, and that implies you must settle on a decision between EPOS’ offering and deep rooted headsets like the Astro A50 and the Audeze Penrose. The H3Pro Hybrid trumps the two of them however with its capacity to interface with each stage you own, and it’s unquestionably the most attractive of the trio.


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