Escape Simulator Potions Garden Walkthrough & Token places (Magic DLC)

The Potions Garden is the third stage within the Magic DLC for Escape Simulator. We shall be crafting many potions to work our method by means of these enjoyable puzzles.

I shall be strolling you thru the right way to escape, and on the finish I’ll be going over the right way to get all the key Tokens within the stage.

Concocting the Dimension Potion

This primary sequence of puzzles works towards making our method into the second room. For that, we’ll must make two potions. The Dimension Potion and the Fertilizer Potion. We’ll rapidly make each now so our stream isn’t interupted.

Mushrooms In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Proper in entrance of you is a desk with Mushrooms rising in bins. There’s a word that particulars the method of creating a Dimension Potion utilizing stated Mushrooms.

The recipe calls for 3 mushrooms that when mixed have a complete affinity of three Earth and 1 Water. Nonetheless, this isn’t so easy, as there are solely three sorts of mushrooms but 12 outcomes on the word, and there aren’t any three Mushrooms that we are able to use that doesn’t additionally comprise one other ingredient.

Size Potion Recipe In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Firstly, the Mushrooms have three various kinds of high, and the grid on the left inform us which sample comprises which parts. Additionally, some patterns low cost a component, so no worries about one rogue ingredient being thrown in.

To make the Dimension Potion, collect the three Mushrooms beneath:

The Tall Mushroom with the ringed sample could add the Air ingredient, however the orange Mushroom reductions that. So all collectively, these Mushrooms equate to three Earth affinity and 1 Water affinity. Now to make the potion.

Stroll over to the Cauldron and stroll up the small stall. Place the Mushrooms within the above order into the Cauldron and wait a couple of seconds. It’s going to spew out the potion liquid right into a vial, creating your Dimension Potion. Be sure to select it up. We now have all we have to make the important thing to enter the following room.

Creating the Fertilizer Potion

With the Dimension Potion made, we are able to now make the Fertilizer Potion, one which requires a bit of extra puzzling. The recipe for this potion could be discovered on a desk close to the Cauldron.

Fertilizer Potion Recipe In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This recipe calls for 3 Flowers that may be discovered across the Cauldron. Every Flower have to be examined by each Butterflies and Bees, because the recipe calls upon a flower preferred completely by Bees, one like completely by Butterflies, and one preferred by each bugs.

So to make this potion, we’d like each events to be freed.

Unlocking the Butterflies is simple sufficient. A show of Butterflies is true by the Fertilizer Potion recipe, so merely open the cage to free them. Releasing the Bees is trickier, nonetheless.

Unlocking the Beehive

To unlock the Beehive, we have to seize 4 Beehive Pins and assemble them in an accurate order on the lid. The Beehive already has a pin on it, so we have to discover the three others and the right mixture.

You will see a picket pin and a metallic pin on a desk by the Cauldron, and the opposite is on the shelving unit.

Choose up these pins. To know the mix, we really must have one other have a look at the Fertiliser Potion. Beneath the recipe, it exhibits us the mix for the Beehive Pins.

Fertiliser Potion In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Return to the Beehive, pinning the Fertilizer Potion Recipe on the way in which. Choose up the present metallic pin. We won’t solely want to copy the form, but in addition the order by which they’re positioned.

  • Place the underside picket Beehive Pin first.
  • Place the diagonally slanting metallic Beehive Pin second.
  • Place the second picket Beehive Pin third.
  • Lastly, place the final metallic Beehive Pin.

Upon doing so, you’ve freed the Bees, and we are able to now start to make the Fertilizer Potion.

Testing the Flowers and making the Fertilizer Potion

Across the Cauldron, there are 4 Flowers which are candidates for this potion, and every have to be examined. To check a Flower, choose it up and place it at each the Bee dish and the Butterfly dish and observe their response.

They’ll both fly away, or fly towards it. You have to discover a Flower that solely attracts Bees, one other Flower that solely attracts Butterflies, and one other Flower that draws each. Beneath are all three Flowers you want, together with the order by which to place them within the Cauldron.

Place these three Flowers, so as, into the Cauldron. After a couple of seconds, it would spew out the Fertilizer Potion, which you’ll then declare.

We’re lastly prepared to start making our method into the second room.

Stepping into the second room

To get into the second room, we’ll must develop our personal key. The seed packet for that is locked contained in the field on the desk subsequent to the Cauldron.

Lock Box Fertilizer In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The word on this lock exhibits a sequence of patterns on a grid. This displays the 4 plant pots on the wall by by Mushrooms. It’s possible you’ll discover that one among them already has a plant grown that appears suspiciously like a ‘5’.

The remainder of the plant pots have seeds in them. Utilizing the Fertilizer Potion, we are able to develop every of those seeds into vegetation that may develop on their trellises to make numbers – the mix for the lock. Nonetheless, the orientation on the lock is the inverse of the order of those vegetation, so we should reverse the order to discover the mix 8571.

Plant Numbers In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Enter this code into the lock field to disclose some seed packets. The one one we’d like is the Keylike Carrot Seed.

Rising the Carrot Key

To develop this key, we have to open the packet. Go into your stock and click on on the seal. It’s going to rip off, permitting us to plant the seed.

Keylike Carrot In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Go over to any soil plot, even ones already inhabited, together with your Keylike Carrot Packet geared up. It is possible for you to to plant the seeds. Utilizing the Fertilizer Potion, you possibly can develop the plant, and utilizing the Dimension Potion, you possibly can develop it right into a key that may match the lock.

Take the Large Keylike Carrot and insert it into the door. It’s going to unlock, permitting you to enter the second room.

Making the Raincloud Potion

Like within the first room, there are a pair potions that we have to make. Nonetheless, to make one, we have to make the opposite. The Raincloud Potion will permit us to disclose a wanted element to make the Duplication Potion, so let’s get began.

Brochure In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Subsequent to the Affinity Scale is a Brochure detailing each the Raincloud Potion recipe and the affinities of 5 named Aquatic Crops. To make the potion, we’d like a Whisperwillow, a Pearlpetal, and a Soulbind. Nonetheless, when trying on the poster on the opposite wall, solely one of many Aquatic Crops are named, and it’s not one of many ones we’d like.

There are 5 Aquatic Crops within the room, and they’re all current within the Brochure, which highlights their Affinity particulars. 4 are within the pond, and one is already on the Affinity Scale.

Affinity Scales In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

*Massive breath* We’ll have to make use of the Affinity Scales and the data within the Brochure to check the Aquatic Crops in opposition to one another to search out out which of them are which. The one Aquatic Plant we all know the title of is the Aethercrest, the elongated blue one. That is the plant we’ll begin with.

Utilizing the dial in the course of the Affinity Scales, you possibly can check the vegetation in opposition to completely different parts.

After intensive scaling and testing, I discovered that the three Aquatic Crops we’d like, so as, are those beneath.

Aquatic Plants In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

On this order, place these vegetation within the Cauldron to create the Raincloud Potion.

Creating the Duplication Potion

We will now make the Duplication Potion, so seize the recipe off the desk within the second room.

Duplication Potion Recipe In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The recipe requires probably the most potent Flower, Mushroom, and Aquatic Plant, in any order. To know probably the most potent components, we’ll want the Efficiency Detector.

Grabbing the Efficiency Detector

The Efficiency Detector is locked in a field that’s presently on fireplace within the nook of the room. You should use your Raincloud Potion to place it out, revealing a field.

Flip the 4 dials within the nook till they’re now not blocking the lid of the field. It’s going to reveal the Efficiency Detector.

Box In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

With the Efficiency Detector, examine it in your stock and click on on it to open it. I’d advocate pinning it.

Gathering probably the most potent components

The recipe word particulars that the three prongs level to probably the most potent ingredient of every sort. Comply with within the route of one of many prongs till you might be delivered to a Mushroom, a Flower, or an Aquatic Plant. Upon selecting up probably the most potent, one of many prongs will spin round.

So you possibly can merely hold selecting up Mushrooms till one of many prongs spins, and try this for the Aquatic Crops. The Flowers are spaced out sufficient for you to not have to do that trick.

Duplication Potion In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

With all of the potent components and all of the prongs spinning, throw all three into the Cauldron in any order to create the Duplication Potion.

With the Duplication Potion available, we are able to now resolve the ultimate puzzle to get your self the Key to flee the Potions Garden.

Fixing the Gnome Statues

Gnome Statues In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Within the far nook of the second room is a Gnome Statue holding a Smaller Gnome Statue. The bigger statue can also be holding a golden field that homes the important thing, and the smaller statue holds a Ladder.

To open the field, we have to discover and repair on the nostril and ear on each of the statues, which is the place each the Duplication and Dimension Potions come into play.

Take the Ladder off the smaller Gnome Statue and examine it in your stock. Drag your Dimension Potion over to enlarge the Ladder right into a Large Ladder.

Discovering the Gnome Ear

The Gnome Ear is tucked away in a cupboard positioned excessive up within the first room above the plant pots on the wall. Place the Large Ladder on the ground. You’ll be able to stroll up the Large Ladder to achieve the cupboard, open it, and declare the Large Gnome Ear.

Gnome Ear In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

In your stock, use the Duplication Potion on it to clone it. Then, use the Dimension Potion on one among them to shrink it to regular dimension.

You’ll be able to place the Large Ear on the Large Gnome Statue and do the identical with the smaller Gnome Ear for the smaller Gnome Statue.

Discovering the Gnome Nostril

You might have observed the Mandrakes dotted across the rooms. Properly, we lastly have a use for these lovely critters.

Beneath are the places for all three Mandrakes. Notice that you simply’ll want to make use of the Large Ladder to achieve the final one.

Within the first room are three plant pots, every with drawn faces. Place the Mandrakes within the plant pots. You’ll have to swap them round till the Mandrakes are in pots that replicate their temper, pictured beneath.

All Three Mandrakes In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

As soon as that is executed, you’ll unlock a compartment beneath the pots, revealing the nostril.

Like with the ear, duplicate and enlarge the nostril utilizing the Duplication and Dimension Potions.

Then, insert it into the gnome.


With the noses and ears hooked up to the Gnome Statues, the golden field will open, revealing the Key to the door.

Complete Gnomes In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Use this Key to unlock the door and escape!

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All Token places within the Potions Garden

Right here is the places for all eight secret Tokens hidden within the stage.

Behind the Cauldron

There’s a Token clear as day behind the Cauldron in the principle room.

On the wall

Token On Wall In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

There’s a Token subsequent to the door to the second room on the decrease proper.

The Large Token Turnip

Turnip Token In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

When rising the Carrot Key to open up the second room, additionally, you will have gained seeds for a turnip. Plant these seeds in one of many different plots that you simply grew the Carrot in and use the Fertiliser Potion after which the Dimension Potion such as you did with the Carrot.

Unearth the Large Token Turnip and click on on it to assert the Token. It’s possible you’ll must click on on it a couple of occasions.

Within the pond

Water Token In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

There’s a Token within the pond within the second room within the nook.

Spinning the scales

The size equipment used to weigh the Aquatic Crops in opposition to one another will produce a Token when spun round absolutely. You must have skilled this when making an attempt to resolve the room.

Within the draw

The desk within the second room has two drawers. The highest one hosts a Token.

Utilizing the ladder

High Token In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

In the principle room, there’s a Token up excessive within the wall. You could use the ladder to ascend to achieve it.

The Three Apples

This one is a bit more complicated. There’s a blackboard propped up on the entrance of the second room. Within the nook, it exhibits three apples equating to a Token. Underneath the desk with the rising mushrooms, you’ll discover a field containing two Apples and a Lemon.

Apples In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

To get the third Apple, you could use the Duplication Potion on one among them, after which ship all three into the Cauldron. It’ll spit out a Token.

And there you may have it, your escape route from the Potions Garden within the Magic DLC for Escape Simulator, and also you’ve received all of the Tokens. Why don’t you check out our walkthrough of the Chronomancy Hall if you’re struggling with it?

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