Evil Nun: The Broken Mask Review – You’ll be praying for dying

Horror as a mode or style encompasses an enormous vary of kinds and approaches from the quiet and creepy to the over-the-top splatterfest. As a self-confessed horror fan, I’m usually fairly open-minded with regards to totally different iterations of the shape. The one exception to this, nevertheless, is the seemingly ubiquitous ‘YouTube’ horror recreation which depends virtually fully on bounce scares and is generally pitched in the direction of overly performative streamer reactions. That being mentioned, there are some wonderful video games inside this tough style, with the Amnesia sequence and Alien: Isolation standing supreme so I hoped to be pleasantly shocked by Evil Nun. Ultimately, what I acquired was maybe the very definition of an empty streamer expertise.

The preliminary premise of Evil Nun sees you solid as a baby trapped in a cursed summer time faculty. The halls and corridors of mentioned faculty are patrolled by the cruel Sister Madeline – a demonic nun with a mysterious agenda who won’t cease in her makes an attempt to chase you down. To flee you have to discover, clear up puzzles and stay out of Madeline’s sight (and listening to). The result’s a recreation that’s extremely paying homage to titles like Good day Neighbour and appears to have a reasonably dedicated following. If this sort of recreation is your bag then all energy to you, but it surely felt completely contrived, spinoff and downright boring to me. To high this off, I encountered quite a few bugs and glitches that additional alienated me from this title.

Graphically, Evil Nun: The Broken Mask is strong, although little extra. The totally different areas of the big faculty grounds are distinct sufficient to assist navigation and lighting results are used nicely. The character mannequin for Sister Madeline is a alternative, nevertheless, and elicited laughter relatively than horror from me. Music is generally there for a creepy religious-infused environment while voice samples are vastly repetitive and get annoying extremely quick.

You begin off your journey in a small dormitory room with one door and a vent as exit routes. From right here you may enterprise out and discover quite a few distinct areas from the sleeping quarters to the lecture rooms and past. Many of those areas additionally comprise vents which can be utilized as shortcuts or escape routes however these aren’t protected from Sister Madeline as she proves surprisingly nimble and can crawl after you if she spots you. You can attempt to distract her by throwing objects as she is vastly reactive to sound. Generally this takes a ridiculous flip as placing down a e book alerts her from many rooms away whereas at others she appears oblivious to a statue smashing proper behind her.

In addition to sneaking round you’ll have to unravel a sequence of puzzles to flee the college, though these principally contain discovering an object and taking it to a particular place – whether or not it is a fuse, a key, or a crowbar. The latter is required fairly early on and is hidden behind a ceiling tile which implies you must discover one thing to dislodge it. In my closing run on the recreation earlier than calling it a day I dropped the merchandise used to entry the crowbar and each glitched out of existence rendering the sport unattainable. This felt like a message for me.

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