Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (PS5) Review: Soldier 2nd Class

It’s time to get out of Midgar. In case you’re a fan of the unique Final Fantasy 7, that recreation lastly opens up in second half of the primary disc, with Cloud and the gang setting off into the broader world of Gaia in pursuit of Sephiroth. As such, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is a harder recreation to make because it comes with lots of expectations, extra content material to recreate, and lots of build-up from the ending of FF7 Remake. Sq. Enix has reinterpreted and refreshed all the enemies, environments, and plot factors whereas including new, fashionable components that also deal with the unique recreation with respect. The quantity of labor that has gone into FF7 Rebirth is really staggering, and although a number of components of the sport really feel stretched out and encumbered, it follows by way of on its potential.

The following world

This assessment can be purposefully obscure on the storyline of FF7 Remake and FF7 Rebirth to maintain spoilers to a minimal, although anybody who has performed by way of the unique recreation will kind of know what occurs. FF7 Rebirth, as a direct sequel to FF7 Remake, comes with a number of lingering plot threads which might be addressed all through the story. A recap video of the occasions within the first recreation is out there in the principle menu in case you want a refresher.

New cutscenes, conversations, and facet quests alter the unique plotline sufficient that it nonetheless looks like a recent take, whereas the final framework has largely been saved intact. Revisiting all the acquainted story beats, whereas listening to fashionable orchestrations of acquainted tunes, is delightfully nostalgic. The occasion worries about Cloud’s reminiscence, Barret and Tifa need to take down Shinra, Crimson XIII needs to return residence, and Aerith hopes to study extra about her previous. Brief scenes involving one other character are primarily spliced between chapters, lending an air of secrecy on the overarching timeline. It’s not till the latter half of the sport that occasions extra considerably deviate from the supply materials, introducing varied components to the lore that weren’t there earlier than.

Nearly all of the facet quests and protorelic missions unfold all through every area of the world present alternatives for the occasion to work together with new characters in addition to NPCs from FF7 Remake. Finishing these duties, together with selecting particular dialogue choices, additionally provides relationships factors between Cloud and one of many occasion members. This impacts and offers extra choices for a specific cutscene later within the recreation — a mechanic which FF7 followers will acknowledge. The sport doesn’t shrink back from including tongue-in-cheek humor both, particularly in relation to Crimson XIII driving chocobos and getting mad when people deal with him like a pet.

Nonetheless, FF7 Rebirth has some hassle sticking the touchdown, significantly within the final third of the story. How some characters are built-in into the occasion looks like a missed alternative and it’s carried out in an awkwardly deliberate means. Additionally, the ending reveals lots of data, nevertheless it’s instructed in a tangled, murky, erratic sequence of occasions. Whereas it tries to be intriguing by elevating as many questions because it solutions, it sacrifices readability for the sake of advanced plot construction.

Reforged in battle

A lot of the real-time fight system from FF7 Remake has been carried over with just a few further mechanics like synergy abilities and talents. Hitting enemies with fundamental assaults builds the ATB meter and segments of this gauge can be utilized to forged spells, use gadgets, and carry out character skills. Enemies even have a stun meter that builds shortly in case you’re capable of stress them, usually carried out by exploiting their elemental weak point or evading their strikes with correct timing. As soon as it’s full, they grow to be staggered for a very long time throughout which any injury dealt is multiplied.

Every occasion member has totally different strengths, so altering which character you management throughout battle might be strategically helpful. The truth is, the story has quite a few sections that pressure your group to separate up, so you’ll want to be well-versed with how every character works anyway. Out of the beginning occasion, Cloud and Tifa are sturdy at dealing single-target injury, Barret and Aerith have long-range assaults, and Crimson XIII has a multi-hit spinning assault that builds stagger and ATB shortly. 

As well as, every occasion member has entry to restrict breaks in addition to a synergy meter that will increase each time ATB is used. This fuels highly effective synergy skills that may give two members quickly bigger ATB meters, entry to increased restrict break ranges, or limitless MP for a short while. In the meantime, synergy abilities can be utilized freely and which of them you should utilize will depend on your present occasion make-up.

FF7 Rebirth offers many alternatives for character development past fundamental leveling. Acquiring all kinds of materia and giving them AP from battles is important, making materia slots on weapons and armor essential for holding tempo with enemies and managers in the long term. Each new weapon you discover permits a personality to study a capability from it completely, and varied equipment you should purchase or craft from supplies can improve base stats and grant immunities to standing results. Additionally tracked is Celebration XP earned by defeating story bosses and finishing minor world intel goals on the map. As this will increase in stage, your occasion will unlock new choices on their talent bushes that may be realized by spending talent factors. 

The primary weak point of the fight system is that it’s finicky from time to time. Evading homing assaults, significantly the swallow capacity from land worms, is harder than it ought to be. Determining restrict ranges is hard too since it’s a must to study the suitable talent synergies on the talent tree after which monitor restrict stage will increase by yourself in battle. Since utilizing gadgets takes one ATB cost, utilizing them in battle is a tough name when skills and spells are usually higher choices. It’s not till you earn the Merchandise Economizer materia or have Mist potions readily available that utilizing one is definitely worth the motion financial system.

Overlapping audio is an occasional downside as effectively. As you discover a city, you’ll typically stroll round a crowd of NPCs and all of them start speaking on the similar time to the purpose that you could barely make out what they’re saying. In fiend battles on the map, a brand new AI character named MAI will interrupt the battle by spewing out details concerning the enemy. It’s alleged to be useful, however alongside the extraordinary music and particular results, her dialogue is a distraction that you could’t flip off. 

Gold Saucer-eyed

Among the finest components of FF7 Rebirth is seeing each setting expanded to an unbelievable diploma. The primary city of Kalm has fantastically detailed streets and retailers, whereas the opening Grasslands area has inexperienced rolling hills, watermills, and trickling streams. These are merely starters in comparison with a number of cities afterward, like Cosmo Canyon, Costa Del Sol, and the Gold Saucer, which might be much more spectacular. The extent of element simply within the variety of objects that fill every space is unbelievable. This stays constant as you progress from one chapter to the following, whilst areas grow to be extra advanced to navigate.

Thankfully, coping with the rougher terrain is by and huge resolved by driving a chocobo. Not solely are chocobos quicker than strolling on foot, however in addition they make grabbing sources simple and may sniff out hidden treasures on the map. A lot of those are supplies that may be offered for gil or transmuted into gadgets and tools. Particular regional variations mean you can attain restricted areas as effectively, like mountain chocobos having the ability to climb the facet of cliffs. You’ll be able to find chocobo stops too that offer you an opportunity to relaxation and supply one other level for quick journey.

On the draw back, round half of all of the actions on the map quantity to busywork. Much like viewpoints in Murderer’s Creed, activating remnawave towers will reveal places of close by factors of curiosity. However discovering each tower, life spring, summon sanctuary, fiend battle, moghouse, cache, excavation website, and extra is exhausting. The chocobo stealth exercise and the Moogle Mischief mini-games are particularly burdensome (and the Moogles look extra like koala bears for some purpose). Even in case you aren’t a completionist (like I’m), you’re inspired to complete as a lot as you’ll be able to to earn Celebration XP, buy highly effective materia from Chadley, and unlock fight simulator battles.

In any other case, a lot of the mini-games are fulfilling facet diversions that add lots of taste. Queen’s Blood, a three-lane card recreation that’s much like Triple Triad from FF8, requires lots of technique in inserting playing cards on the sphere, and there are gamers in each city that you could problem. Out of all of the actions on the Gold Saucer, chocobo racing is the principle attraction and performs very near Mario Kart. Along with Chadley’s fight simulations, there are just a few different arenas for extra intense fights. The piano efficiency mini-game from the demo seems all through the journey too. Different mini-games from the unique recreation have been recreated right here, together with the Shinra Junon parade and Fort Condor. Doing effectively in any respect these video games awards sturdy materia, weapons, and equipment, so whereas a lot of them are elective, finishing them is time effectively spent.

Finishing the principle marketing campaign and each world intel mission takes round 100 hours, extra so in case you resolve to sort out elective content material that unlocks after you end the story. Some chapters really feel stretched out greater than they need to be, with some ranges that go on for too lengthy and actions that repeat themselves throughout each area. Tying the extra mundane duties to one of many occasion members, much like how facet quests are carried out, would have helped alleviate the tedium.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Final Verdict

By means of its expanded story, unbelievable graphics, and abundance of facet actions, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth vigorously continues the momentum from FF7 Remake. Whereas some components of the sport are too gradual or padded for the sake of content material, nearly all of the expertise is a pleasing trip by way of nostalgia. It will likely be curious to see how progress, if any, is carried over to the following recreation, given all of the exploration and gadgets that you could acquire right here. At any charge, FF7 Rebirth lives as much as its promise as a love letter to the unique recreation and solidly units up the third and last title within the trilogy.

  • Revamped, nostalgic story

  • Detailed environments and reorchestrated music

  • Wealth of facet actions and mini-games

  • Crimson XIII is a beast in fight and performs comedian aid

  • Did not expertise any crashes and bugs

  • Just a few characters are built-in awkwardly

  • Points with overlapping dialogue

  • Some content material is mundane, gradual, or padded

Disclosure: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth PS5 code offered by writer.

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