How to beat the Wolf Eel in Dave the Diver

Who doesn’t dream of being a barely portly, deep-sea harpoon fisherman/restaurant proprietor/sea folks negotiator? Nicely, now, due to MINTROCKET, all of your needs are granted. Dave the Diver ticks all these packing containers no one has even dared to fill on this gorgeous 8-bit sport that’s taken Steam critiques by storm. Dave the Diver takes to the ocean to befriend and battle the depths, taking his bounty above the waves to make delicious dishes. One of many many challenges confronted by our wetsuit hero is a battle with the Wolf Eel, however how is it doable that Dave the Diver survives?

How to beat the Wolf Eel in Dave the Diver

After shifting some rocks with Dave the Divers‘ fancy new gloves, you will now be faced with a monstrous boss battle. The huge Wolf Eel comes out of nowhere to try to ruin your day. The mega Eel has a wide range of attacks that can only really be avoided with some pretty nifty flipper work and by clinging on to dear life to the environment. The Wolf Eel will use three attacks on Dave the Diver; each needs to be countered in its own way.

Wolf Eel Vacuum

This move comes from the right and will pull you into the Wolf Eels’ mouth. It’s doable to keep away from it by grabbing onto the hanging anchors that dangle from the ceiling. It is advisable preempt this transfer and get your self near one among them. Upon getting grabbed on, be able to hammer the spacebar to remain related.

Wolf Eel Dave The Diver

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Background cost

As soon as the Wolf Eel has made its suction assault, it’s going to cost you from the again of the world. Look ahead to it to seem, and prepare to sprint out of the way in which when it expenses in. I discovered that ready till it locked you in, then dashing, was one of the best ways to remain out of the way in which.

Wiggly Wolf Eel assault

It is a tough one to gauge and even tougher to keep away from. Subsequent, the Wolf Eel will wave from the highest of the display to the underside, damaging the whole lot it touches. It’s virtually not possible to keep away from, so I might advocate simply getting the hits in when you can. You’re going to get Dave the Diver damage anyway.

Dave the Diver’s assault stage

As soon as the three strikes have been carried out, the Wolf Eel will retreat earlier than it begins once more. In the event you’re nonetheless good on well being and ammo, take this time to assault the glowing inexperienced tail that’s on show. Concentrate; that is the weak spot. Lastly, hit it with the whole lot you’ve gotten and pray it is sufficient to defeat the Wolf Eel in Dave the Diver.

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