How to get the VIP Card in Sons of the Forest

There are an unimaginable quantity of things in Sons of the Forest. One of many varieties of objects you’ll be able to purchase in Sons of the Forest are the keycard objects. You need to use these keycard objects for numerous doorways to unlock different bits and items of loot across the map. One of many keycards you’ll be able to obtain in Sons of the Forest is the VIP Card, and right here’s find out how to monitor it down.

Sons of the Forest: Discover the keycard utilizing the crossbow path

Getting the VIP card is comparatively a painless activity. All you have to do is go to the situation on the map within the picture under, close to the shoreline. When you’re there, comply with the cave by means of to the tip. Whenever you’ve executed that, you have to drop down the hatch and use the Maintenance Keycard to open the door inside. In the event you’ve already acquired the crossbow, this may appear slightly acquainted. And that’s as a result of you need to go the place you obtain the crossbow so that you can get the VIP Card.

Sons Of The Forest Vip Card Location

Screenshot by PC Invasion

When you’ve entered this space, maintain a watch out on the fitting aspect of the planting stations for some bloodstains. That’s the place the crossbow is, for those who haven’t obtained it but. However for those who’re right here only for the VIP Card then proceed down by means of this space. Be careful for any enemies which may be there, however you’ll be able to simply dodge them if you have to.

Proceed down this linear pathway to the tip, the place you’ll be greeted with a locked door and a path to the left. The door is one thing you want the VIP Card to open, so that you’re going to need to go down the opposite pathway you come throughout whereas main as much as this locked door.

Sons Of The Forest Vip Card

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Make your approach down this path to return up some stairs and enter a safety room, and inside you’ll discover the VIP Card sitting on a desk subsequent to some screens.

Sons of the Forest is offered through Steam.

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