How to parry utilizing your melee weapons in Tears of the Kingdom

As you undoubtedly already know, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom enables you to parry enemy assaults as a substitute for the flurry rush approach. Usually, you may solely perform a parry by taking out your defend first. However by some experimentation, it seems you can truly execute a parry with one in all your melee weapons as effectively. At this level, you may surprise what methodology you utilize to do that and what purposes it might need.

What to do to parry together with your melee weapon

You will have suspected this already, however Tears of the Kingdom makes parrying together with your melee weapons doable because of the Fuse means. Particularly, by fusing a defend to your weapon, you may parry with out utilizing a defend out of your stock by holding ZL and urgent A identical to regular. Have in mind, although, that you probably have each a defend and a one-handed weapon outfitted individually, you may solely parry with the defend. This implies you must unequip the defend in order that the sport can help you parry with a shield-fused one-handed weapon as a substitute.

In the end, although, in terms of parrying, you may’t actually do something with a one-handed weapon you can’t already do with a defend by itself. The place issues get fascinating is with the two-handed weapons and spears. Usually, you may’t parry whereas utilizing both of those weapon varieties on the identical time, that means you must put your weapon away with both X or B relying in your management setup earlier than doing so.

Fusing a defend to those weapons, nevertheless, fully sidesteps this situation, permitting you to change between attacking and parrying seamlessly. Though you don’t want this trick at any level within the sport, it could turn out to be useful you probably have hassle juggling between your two-handed weapons for offense and shields for protection.

Tears Of The Kingdom Parry Fused Weapon Inventory Screen

Screenshot by way of PC Invasion

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