Nacon MG-X Pro Android Controller Review

Handheld gaming has made some amazing progress somewhat recently. We’re not simply talking unadulterated power or ergonomics here, it’s additionally the way that what was once independent, and frequently lessened, is presently totally interlinked and entwined with our home gaming. Gadgets like the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck are slanting the line at any point further, and however Microsoft hasn’t constructed their own gadget, they’re making a purposeful play for this space through their streaming tech. Working connected at the hip with Nacon, Android gamers can now get the MG-X Pro, a regulator that your cell phone cozily spaces into and, other than different things, transforms it into a Game Pass streaming machine. It’s a clever trick.

The MG-X Pro is, basically, a Nacon Pro Compact regulator with a spring-stacked extendable area in the center. You pull it separated and space your telephone in, after which it’s held set up by grippy elastic at one or the flip side, and a thin cross-over from the MG-X Pro. In spite of being promoted as fitting gadgets up to 6.7″, it’s fit for lodging the chonkiest of Android telephones. I handily popped a 6.8″ Redmagic 7 in, so Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or even Galaxy Z Fold 3 proprietors ought to be totally fine.


Once you have a telephone housed inside it, the entire thing feels reassuringly strong. The MG-X Pro is worked out of that old #1 for equipment, dark plastic, and however it’s outwardly disappointing it feels intense and sturdy. The MG-X Pro, shorn of any thunder tech, is additionally extremely light, so your telephone is the critical supporter of any weight. Contingent upon your handset it’ll probably come in lighter than an ordinary Switch, and contrasted with the Steam Deck you’ll have the option to play serenely for some hours.

As it’s fundamentally a revised Nacon Pro Compact, you’ll observe a significant number of similar focuses made in that survey stand here. The unbalanced sticks are smart and firm, and are unquestionably of a far greater than we’ve generally expected from cell phone regulators. The triggers in the mean time have a perfectly measured proportion of movement and obstruction, and the shoulder buttons feel strong under your finger. The four fundamental face buttons are enormous and responsive, and there’s the standard Xbox, Menu and View buttons here too. It’s passing up the new expansion of the Share button, yet I figure the vast majority can live without that.

While Android gaming is a gigantic area now, there is an emphasis on Xbox Game Pass here, and the MG-X Pro ends up being great for jumping into a spot of Xbox streaming. Getting back to my save round of Guardians of the Galaxy was stunningly smooth, and in real life weighty groupings the MG-X Pro demonstrated fearlessly in sync with what I needed to do. I was left dazzled and immediately failed to remember I was playing on a telephone and support. It seems practically like a committed handheld.

You’re presumably going to need to stretch out past Microsoft’s administrations on the off chance that you’re into portable gaming, and assuming your Android game backings regulators the MG-X Pro will simply work. I invested more energy than is sound with Asphalt 9 and it both perceived the regulator straight away, and badged the buttons up accurately as well. Any reasonable person would agree that most of portable activity titles will benefit incredibly from actual buttons, and assuming you’re searching for something to give you an upper hand the MG-X Pro will give it.

Unlike Android gadgets, for example, the Gamesir X2, there’s no actual association between the telephone and the regulator. The MG-X Pro interfaces by means of Bluetooth 4.2, and there’s a devoted matching button on the underside to set this going. While Bluetooth is clearly fast and simple, yet a requirement could affect longer meetings of play.

You can’t charge your telephone while you’re playing – however you can charge the MG-X Pro, which has its own battery – and it’s basically impossible that you’re setting at an earphone attachment except if it’s housed up in an exceptionally uncommon way. While the vast majority will likewise have Bluetooth headsets, it’s a disgrace that you should place somewhat more planning into how your batteries are holding up before you start gaming.

I very much want the MG-X’s support style arrangement to the telephone over a-regulator arrangement of something like the MOGA XP5-X, yet the burdens are clear assuming you need/need to charge your telephone or utilize a wired headset. All things considered, assuming you have a gadget with a respectable battery that might be to a lesser extent a worry. At £79.99 the MG-X Pro is somewhat more costly than key adversaries like the Razer Kishi and Gamesir X2, however as far as quality and control you’re getting a greatly improved encounter for gaming.


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