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A few weeks back, we investigated at Burning Fight ($3.99), one of SNK’s many early efforts to strike beat-em-up gold on its juvenile NEOGEO stage. It boldly cribbed from Capcom’s Final Fight, and it was maybe that absence of topical distinction that hurt it eventually. All things considered, nobody can charge Robo Army ($3.99) of not having its own personality. Robot heroes that can thrash their robot foes with their own arms, and in some cases transform into vehicles for some time? Indeed, I think SNK got to that specific well first.

It’s a story ancient, to the extent that the game business goes. A crazy lab rat makes a multitude of robots and attempts to assume control over the world, and I surmise Mega Man is occupied or something since two robot champions have been dispatched to deal with him and salvage the regular people he’s caught. They’ll need to fight their direction through the insane lab rat’s robo armed force (title drop!) which comprises of different mechanical manifestations. There are six phases altogether, taking you through different troubling and dirty regions. Dissimilar to numerous different games in the beat-em-up class, you don’t have a selection of characters. Player One is consistently Red Guy With A Human Face, and Player Two is dependably Blue Guy With A Robot Face.

Robo Army was created by a lot of people of similar individuals behind the Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury games, yet it doesn’t have remotely close to their desire. Scratch past the subject and you’ll find Robo Army is probably as plain a brawler as you could find. You have some fundamental assault combos, a back assault, a leap, and a unique move button whose impact differs in light of how full your exceptional check is. You can hook adversaries and arrangement additional harm to them, as well. Adversaries will once in a while abandon their arms or lines when you rout them, and you can involve those as weapons. You’ll likewise find life pick-ups, energy pick-ups, and a unique thing that will make you briefly change into a strong vehicle that can run over enemies.

That’s basically the degree of things. For a 1991 NEOGEO game, Robo Army is shockingly liberated from gimmicky presentations of the equipment’s power. You’ll get a periodic scaling sprite when things roll in from the foundation, however the majority of the NEOGEO’s muscle is being utilized to keep things moving flawlessly with various, in some cases huge, characters on-screen. The visuals look adequately respectable, and you get some tomfoolery clank and-crash audio effects as you scratch your metal clench hands against the adversaries’ metal jaws. It’s anything but a particularly lavish game for its time or anything, yet entirely it’s sufficient. The feeling of effect of your strikes is somewhat better compared to in Burning Fight, and seeing the adversaries fall to pieces absolutely assists with selling your hits. There are additionally a couple of entertaining movements, similar to when a vehicle robot chooses to bite on you a piece with its hood.

Robot Army is an absolutely functional beat-em-up, and in the event that the subject works on something for you, you’ll track down it a sufficiently pleasant frolic to start up to a great extent. Yet, it never truly goes past that, and smacking a robot about the head with its mate’s arm will ultimately lose its appeal sooner or later. A very long while, as you may have guessed. When it’s all said and done, that is totally hilarious. It would make sense if the whole game was greenlit on that particular piece of the pitch. In any case, ultimately that rush will blur, and all you’ll be left with is a Jaleco-level brawler with additional skillet banging-together audio cues. However, something sufficient to throw a couple of quarters into while you’re trusting that your garments will dry, however not adequate to recollect after you’re finished collapsing them.

The decent thing about Hamster is that the organization has space in its heart for games like that notwithstanding the successes. I’ve done a considerable lot of these surveys at this point, yet I’ve never truly halted to make reference to the fact that it is so ideal to see SNK and Hamster strolling outside the lines of the typical hits that get versatile ports. The SNK of the past would have done the Metal Slugs, King of Fighters, Samurai Shodowns, and a couple of other miscellaneous items and threw in the towel. Truth be told, that is exactly what they did. We’re currently in a reality where we are getting excellent arrivals of a few truly dark games that somewhat couple of individuals care about, and from both a show and assortment stance, I believe that is great.

By now, the highlights of the covering for these games are known amounts. Regulator support? Indeed, and through that, support for nearby multiplayer. Save states, check. Various choices for changing video, sound, trouble, and controls. Online competitor lists and the standard Caravan and Score Attack modes. Japanese and Overseas variants of the game. On the off chance that you don’t have an outside regulator, this is one of those games that plays fine and dandy utilizing the touch controls. I’ll feel free to embed my typical issue about not having the option to play multiplayer on the web, yet that is actually all I must grumble about concerning Hamster’s treatment of things.

If you’re searching for one more normal beat-em-up to add to your heap, have quite certain blissful recollections of Nick Arcade, or just must catch them all with the ACA NEOGEO series, you will not make some awful memories with Robo Army. It has a great time subject that it executes well, and that goes quite far to concealing the real bread-and-butter game that it is. It plays alright on versatile, and I can’t pressure enough that you get to get robot arms and beat different robots with them. On the off chance that that isn’t worth four bucks, what is?

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