Samurai Riot Definitive Edition Review

Samurai Riot Definitive Edition has many things making it work on paper. A side looking over brawler set in a dystopian existence where society has reforged and both samurai and factions have risen again. It nearly feels like the setting was propelled by the now dropped show Into The Badlands, yet with less pretentious characters. Samurai Riot might have been a truly fun game yet, on Switch, there are various specialized issues that bring down the experience.

In Samurai Riot you can assume command over two characters, Sukane or Tsurumaru, who each have their own styles. Sukane utilizes her clench hands and feet to bargain harm alongside her soul fox, while Tsurumaru is the more conservative Samurai utilizing his sword to chop down foes. Both have several unique capacities like speed combos and bombs.


There are different adversary types that have different styles to neutralize, incorporating those furnished with lances, firearms, and goliath safeguards. The foes will come in bunches towards you, so you should be prepared to take on any and all individuals from all sides now and again. The actual battle is fine, however doesn’t feel really smooth. By and by, I favored utilizing Sukane over Tsurumaru – perhaps it was having the soul fox?

Samurai Riot Definitive Edition Combat

As you progress through the story you will be met with decisions that will prompt one of eight endings. It could remember exchanging sides for the story, however regardless of whether you the foe models stay the same.

While the game could be fun, there are various issues that I went over while playing on Switch. One of the most exceedingly terrible was the point at which I ran out of lives and squeezed the proceed with button. Rather than returning me to the level, Samurai Riot crashed back to the Switch home screen, losing my advancement simultaneously. I figured it would be an oddball, yet when I hit a proceed with screen again precisely the same issue occurred. Then there were foes stalling out on the landscape and becoming difficult to hit, hindering advancement, and adversaries stalling in basically the same manner out off screen – I just gained ground here since I had the option to utilize an exceptional assault to get them. Another issue was more to do with the level climate of Sky City. There were a couple of seconds where I would hit foes off what resembled edges, just to see adversaries laying on the “air”, returning exceptional once again to battle again.

It is a disgrace that Samurai Riot Definitive Edition has such various specialized issues, since they influence what might be a good side looking over brawler. Without the issues, the game would be something respectable to play. One go through the game requires around two hours, however in its present status Samurai Riot is simply frustrating.


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