Ship of Fools Review – Ship Wrecked or Ship-Shape?

White lightning splits the sky, sheets of water shell the ship, and, looming above you, shadowy tentacles encompass your sea vessel. Abandoning the ship will not be an possibility. As you and your fellow Idiot man the cannons, you ship one ultimate sea shell shot proper into the Shadow of the Undergrowth’s mouth. The tentacles wriggle and vanish into the depths beneath. You’ve survived the battle — this time.

Ship of Fools is a high-velocity seafaring journey the place you and a pal, or simply you and a Sentry cannon, sail into the attention of the Aquapocalypse to finish the everlasting storm and salvage what’s left. To be reductive, Ship of Fools is that if Fort Crashers and Lovers in a Harmful Spacetime had a child at sea in a storm.

To present you a greater understanding of what this sport actually is, Ship of Fools is a single-player, two-player sofa co-op, or two-player on-line co-op roguelite the place you employ cannons to defend your ship by way of varied encounters and boss battles, acquire Tendrils to improve your runs, and sail additional and additional, unlocking Fools and saving residents within the course of.


Whereas sticking to simplicity and ease, Ship of Fools oozes allure and persona, enjoyable and problem. Though it has its shortcomings, Ship of Fools is an journey value setting out on.

Aquapocalypse, Ahoy! – The Successes

Ship of Fools succeeds in some ways. Together with being added to the restricted collection of nice sofa co-op video games, Ship of Fools options satisfying gameplay that requires strategic cannon positioning and firing, run-specific collectibles that add selection, and a tremendous artwork type and music rating.

The second you wash ashore in Ship of Fools, the enjoyable begins. After a brief tutorial demonstrating shoot your cannon, reload, and harpoon gadgets, you’ve gained the entire mechanical information Ship of Fools has to show you. You’re now able to make your individual waves.


Ship of Fools’ core gameplay loop is addicting, consisting of encountering enemies, testing islands, getting higher ammo, trinkets, and artifacts, and amassing Tendrils, which is the forex required to improve your ship and cannons. As you start your journey alone or with a pal, you’ll sail towards the section-specific boss by maneuvering on a hexagonal map with many symbols. Every hex of the map affords an encounter with enemies or an island containing an improve or two. The enemy encounters and boss battles are epic and ramp up properly in problem and visible excellence all through the sport.

Ammo, trinkets, and artifacts are run-specific gadgets that present wholesome replayability. The big variety of ammo sorts, trinkets, and artifacts within the sport is stunning. Ammo is the projectiles you load your cannon with, trinkets are the character-specific bonuses, and artifacts are the ship-enhancing perks. The range that the ammunition, trinkets, and artifacts carry makes each run distinctive, however not game-changing.


Apart from gameplay, the artwork type and music are implausible. Instantly, you’ll discover how assured and cute the artwork design is towards the curated and catchy music. As you come back to every part in your quite a few runs, don’t be stunned if you end up whistling the tunes whereas blasting sea monsters away.

Lastly, unlocking all 10 Fools and discovering which ones are the best is a pleasure. Every of the Fools, the playable characters within the sport, have their very own distinctive trinket that may’t be eliminated or traded. On high of ammo, trinkets, artifacts, and cannons, the Idiot you select to play as can drastically change your playstyle.


Taking over Water – The Stumbling Blocks

Whereas Ship of Fools is great in some ways, there are just a few hindrances that hold it from being wonderful. Particularly, the troublesome controls and the shortage of endgame replayability maintain Ship of Fools again.

Whereas I applauded Ship of Fools’ controls for being easy, I didn’t say that they had been straightforward. A typical downside for myself and my sofa co-op associate, who’s an inexperienced gamer, was mistakenly choosing up your complete ammo container as a substitute of the handful of ammo you should reload your cannon. The explanation this occurred so typically is that Ship of Fools makes use of two extraordinarily shut buttons for principally each motion. Whereas it does get simpler as you study and use muscle reminiscence, the primary few runs of Ship of Fools might be troublesome.


My different large grievance is that there’s virtually no endgame replayability. After beating the sport, Ship of Fools feels repetitive regardless of with the ability to combat by way of all 4 bosses within the sport once more to get more Tendrils to unlock the whole lot on the town. Fortunately, Fika Productions has a whole lot of substantial updates deliberate for the post-launch of Ship of Fools. We’d like to see some updates concerning boss selection, including challenges like “only use bombs during this run,” or together with aspect quests given by the residents on the town, however for now, Ship of Fools’ pleasurable gameplay can solely get it thus far.

Preserve a Climate Eye Out – The Publish-Launch Plans

Whereas the complete launch of Ship of Fools is out right now, Fika Productions plans so as to add a whole lot of post-launch content material. So, whether or not you’ve completed Ship of Fools and wish extra or are questioning what is behind The Great Lighthouse door, the excellent news is that Ship of Fools will get higher with age due to Fika Productions’ dedication and dedication. What’s already an awesome sport will solely get higher.


Although right now is Ship of Fools’ official full launch, it does really feel prefer it’s in early entry in just a few methods. Together with the drawbacks talked about above, you’ll expertise 90% of the sport after about 10 hours, which matches hand-in-hand with my criticism of the shortage of endgame replayability. Additionally, there are widespread roguelite options lacking like the power to pause and proceed a run later. I’m hopeful understanding that Fika Productions will proceed engaged on Ship of Fools, however not having these options at launch is unlucky.

Fortunately, performance-wise, Ship of Fools is almost foolproof. Throughout my many runs by way of the Archipelago, I skilled hardly any bugs or errors. And if there are any within the sport, Fika Productions is bound to iron them out as quickly as they will.


The Verdict

Ship of Fools is a really enjoyable sport that, to various levels, lacks participating endgame replayability and a significant story. Nonetheless, the enjoyable issue and degree of polish alone are high-water marks that can captivate you and draw you into the Eye, of the Storm time and again.

Whereas the core sport has a whole lot of wind in its sails, the ultimate vacation spot remains to be on the horizon. In the end, Ship of Fools is a cute and genuinely addicting sport for brand new and skilled avid gamers that can solely get higher as extra content material is added post-launch.

Ship of Fools is accessible now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Collection X|S, Nintendo Swap, and PC.

This sport was reviewed utilizing a replica of the sport offered by the sport’s writer,public relations firm, developer or different for the categorical function of a evaluation.

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