Soundfall Review (PS5) – Is It Worth Playing?

Soundfall, from engineer Drastic Games, tests players to utilize their instruments perfectly, bouncing and winding to the beat. With a prison crawler based around music and incredible luck, alongside some plundering, does the game convey the perfect tune or play broadly? Find out in our Soundfall audit below.

Hitting the Right Notes

Soundfall Review

Soundfall is tied in with going through different levels, gathering plunder, and going after to the beat. There are five playable characters that you can open as you progress through the story missions. The vast majority of these are quick and painless, running somewhere in the range of 2-3 minutes long on the more straightforward levels and pushing close to 5 on occasion during more diligently ones. The reason here is by all accounts speedy hitting levels that don’t stay too long and tunes that run simply the ideal measure of time. This is something to be thankful for, as the guides are loaded with reused bits from past levels, so holding it short aides hold things back from getting monotonous.

The music is where Soundfall really sparkles. Every world that you visit has an alternate subject from drums to old style, and I genuinely don’t think I found a solitary tune I wasn’t bouncing my head to. The melodies additionally carry various difficulties to battle, as you need to coordinate the beat with your trigger draw, acquiring chains as you hit each successive note. This can be troublesome on occasion, particularly on the off chance that you come from a level with a quick beat to one with a truly dialed back sound. While I partook in this cool curve, my hands in many cases got somewhat confined while attempting to time my trigger pulls rather than simply having the option to go full auto.

Multiplayer Misses its Gig

Soundfall Review

One of the greatest hiccups with Soundfall is in the Multiplayer. Indeed, obviously it’s extraordinary that it has it and it does work effectively. Nonetheless, it is let somewhere near two tremendous issues. Number one, its internet based part just permits you to play with individuals from your companions list. This implies no matchmaking with outsiders. As far as I might be concerned, it implied no games period as none of my companions own Soundfall. This is a significant goof for an independent game that, can we just be real for a minute, won’t have an immense fanbase.

Number two is while the game has nearby center, the fundamental players levels and such don’t persist to player 2, or 3, or 4. So for example in my playthrough of Soundfall, I had my girl participate from a visitor account. As of now, I had each character opened and doing very well at around level 18. My girls character anyway was level one and only had Melody opened. Certainly, I can assist her drudgery with meeting my level, yet how much chance to do that is critical and it sort of deters companions who come over from dropping in.

Soundfall Review PS5 – The Final Verdict

There is a ton of affection with Soundfall. The music never neglects to suck you in to each leve,l and the story and characters are charming. Anyway it’s not all performances and reprises, as the level plan is fairly boring and tedious and the multiplayer passes on a ton to be wanted. On the off chance that you are in the mind-set for a prison crawler with a decent curve, you have a jewel in Soundfall. Simply don’t go anticipating an excessively profound plunder framework or anything excessively mind boggling. A somewhat straight forward game’s tied in with losing all sense of direction in the sounds, which genuinely can be fairly good to do.


  • Get me this soundtrack now!
  • Cute and fun story
  • Colorful World moves with the music
  • Over 100 free play tunes to keep you murmuring along
  • Multiplayer, both nearby and on the web, is a significant given down
  • Lots of reused resources and regions access each level reason lots of repetition
  • The capacity to transfer and play your own music.. just on PC!!

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