Starship Troopers: Terran Command Review

I’ll be absolutely genuine, I didn’t have a Starship Troopers RTS game on my 2022 bingo card. Set in similar universe as the last part of the 90s science fiction film, Starship Troopers: Terran Command requests that players battle the notable 8-legged creature armed force that made the film so special. Terran Command may not highlight any of the principal characters (or shower scenes), yet everything from workmanship style through to the composing feels bona fide to the first tasteful of the film.

Across the mission players control various crews of officers as they battle against the 8-legged creature armed force. Each guide includes a special goal, alongside discretionary errands to redirect your consideration. Players investigate and battle their direction across maps, extending and working on their military as they come. Assuming you’ve played a RTS previously, you’ll essentially know what’s in store here.


What astonished me was exactly how much profundity there was in Terran Command. What at first has all the earmarks of being a genuinely standard continuous technique experience before long creates with a noteworthy assortment of interactivity frameworks. There are various crew types, numerous foe variations, various stations and base sorts inside the world and different missions.

Starship Troopers Terran Command Review RTS

These all mix together to make a tomfoolery experience that challenges players across various fights. You’ll battle at various levels, across differing landscape and both outside and inside. I favored the more tight missions in Terran Command, as I found they streamed somewhat more normally than the huge investigation based levels. It’s not difficult to get a little lost on the bigger levels, as the targets aren’t clear all the time. The more bound levels evade this issue by giving a substantially more direct path.

There are various units to look over in Terran Command. The standard officer units are incredible all rounders, giving solid assault power at various distances, while Engineer officers are more successful at short reach with flamethrowers and mountable automatic rifles. There are various different sorts that give both hostile and protective help, and finding a harmony between these units prompts success.

Players open extra units by catching bases and structures across each guide. As you construct your presence across the combat zone, your group develops further and more competent. However, the 8-legged creature armed force can catch these focuses back, so you want to figure out some kind of harmony between investigating the guide and shielding your bases.

Starship Troopers Terran Command Review Night Mission

Terran Command has its issues. Controlling the various units can be amazingly fiddly once in a while. It’s not difficult to send units to some unacceptable spot, or directly into the way of adversaries. The AI can likewise be genuinely moronic some of the time, as your units will sporadically stand inactively before going after 8-legged creature. In the event that you at any point end up before the outsiders, you’ll likely wind up dying. This is extensively baffling when you wind up battling Terra Command’s fiddly point and snap controls, and kick the bucket through no shortcoming of your own.

Fortunately, the discipline for death is sensibly thin. When a unit bites the dust, you can demand a substitution quickly. You in all actuality do lose any levels and abilities acquired by the unit that passes on, however their substitution doesn’t take long to acquire its own insight. The capacity to demand units so rapidly feels significantly fitting thinking about the first film’s worth of human existence, and Terra Command proceeds with that fundamental analysis of war.

While the 1997 film has a religion following and had a cutting edge reappraisal of its basic subjects, I’m not completely certain who this game is truly for and suspect there’s a moderately little hybrid on the Venn graph of energetic Starship Trooper fans and RTS fans. For the people who truly do fall into that section, Terran Command is basically precisely exact thing you’d need. For RTS fans however, there are now undeniably more cleaned encounters accessible. Furthermore, for devotees of Starship Troopers who are new to video games, I think Terran Command is most likely altogether too difficult.


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