Store spare Pals in a Viewing Cage to avoid wasting Box house in Palworld

Palworld gamers complain concerning the lack of Palbox house when they should stockpile Pals for the Pal Essence Condenser. It is a worthy grievance, however the Viewing Cages will come to your rescue.

When gamers wish to promote their Pals to 4 stars via the Pal Essence Condenser, they begin to see that regardless of the 16 packing containers of Pal storage, they want much more. To advertise a Pal to 4 stars, they want 64 further Pals of that species, which takes up a substantial quantity of house.

This mixed with a possible breeding technique — a participant could discover themselves out of storage fairly quickly.

Pengulelts In Viewing Cage In Palworld
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Standard strategies of releasing Pals from the Palbox are both by butchering them, assigning them to a Base, or, paradoxically, condensing them. Naturally, chances are you’ll not wish to butcher different Pals for the sake of the handfuls of Chikipis you have to create the Final Egg Boi. Utilizing the Viewing Cages alleviates this drawback.

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They’re moderately space-demanding, however you should use platforms and create a vertical complicated to have quite a few Viewing Cages. Each has an additional 40 areas, and what’s extra, is that they don’t require meals or any type of care or sources in any respect. They’re primarily their very own Palbox, however you possibly can really see the Pals inside.

Viewing Cage Menu In Palworld
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Higher but, the Viewing Cages are tremendous low cost, permitting you to construct as many as you need and not using a concern for sources. Each prices solely 10 Paldium Fragments, 10 Wooden, and 20 Stone.

Though you’ll should swap Pals between the Viewing Cage and the Boxes to really condense them when the time comes, that isn’t an excessive amount of of a hassle for extra free house.

For those who wished, you can construct a brand new Base fully to have quite a few Viewing Cages, to make the group of your breeding Pals and yet-to-be-condensed Pals a lot simpler. This fashion, you possibly can separate the Pals you wish to preserve and use from the Pals you wish to condense.

Within the late recreation, when this turns into a priority, you’ll be grateful to have a extra organized and spacious Palbox, with your whole poor Pal candidates huddled collectively.

Now that you recognize the trick with Viewing Cages in Palworld, why don’t you check out how to get the Legend Passive Skill?

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