The House of the Dead Remake Xbox Review

Sega’s House of the Dead establishment has been ported and changed across various control center and control frameworks, from the Dreamcast’s lightgun to the Wii remote and, most magnificently, the console lover’s fever dream in Typing of the Dead. Each adaptation has sparkled as far as get and playa arcade activity, with the straightforward delights of pointing at the screen and causing zombies to detonate never truly going downhill. Quick forward to 2022 and it was nothing unexpected that fans were eager to see the brand new House of the Dead: Remake, particularly as past ports have typically focussed on the second and third games.

Out now across Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC, it was the Xbox adaptation that we got in for survey, playing on a Xbox One X. Where many cross-stage games have fans fussily talking about the qualities and shortcomings of the various stages through outline rate and goal examinations, House of the Dead: Remake has key issues on Xbox that leave it lingering behind other systems.


The storyline of House of the Dead is totally absurd, seeing you playing as one of two specialists brought in to investiate the goings on at the puzzling Curien chateau. Researchers have been accounted for missing, and upon appearance you before long find that the spot is swarmed with zombies and other startling beasts. The story and discourse cause Resident Evil to seem like Shakespeare, yet this is an enormous piece of the series’ appeal. I was disheartened not to hear the consant f-bombs of my undisputed top choice, HotD Overkill, however the horrible voice acting took me nostalgically back to playing the arcade rendition in my neighborhood bowling setting, harking back to the 1990s.

House of the Dead Remake Xbox Review Arcade

The game itself is a natural on rails shooter – a configuration that is generally wiped out these days beyond VR encounters. In the arcade and prior home variants, you would utilize a lightgun accomplice to truly feel that arcade thrill, yet the shift from CRT to LCD and OLED killed off the lightgun innovation, and the Xbox has no comparable control choice. However, you do on PlayStation and Switch. Switch allows you to utilize the Joy-Con gyroscopic movement controls like an exemplary Wiimote, while on PlayStation, each DualSense and DualShock 4 regulator has movement controls worked in too. A fix in June even added help for the PlayStation Move and Aim Controller, which numerous a PSVR proprietor will have thumping around. In the interim, over on PC, the mouse can quickly dash across the screen and the potential for modding makes this likely the best current format.

However, with the Xbox you are confined to utilizing the thumbsticks – a control framework that is however baffling as it very well might be mistaken. There are different responsiveness settings and an auto point that can be changed, yet even in the wake of completing the game on various occasions and getting every one of the accomplishments I never felt completely in control.

House of the Dead Remake Xbox Review Boss

In terms of new augmentations, MegaPixel Studio has put forth fair attempt. Close by the orginal arcade mode, there is a high score based new one that prizes hit chains and precision instead of just endurance. This assists with expanding life span be that as it may, once more, felt unpleasant with the thumbstick controls. There is likewise the consideration of the ludicrous crowd mode that greatly expands the quantity of enemes on screen to a level that the first equipment could never have upheld. This turns out to be progressively fun once you open a portion of the more impressive weapons concealed all through the levels. Cheats are accessible, however these are confined by the quantity of accomplishments that you have procured, so you really want to play the game through a couple of times before you can just set free with endless ammunition or all weapons unlocked.

The arcade beginnings of the game are most clear in the runtime. A solitary playthrough can be finished in around 30 minutes, so an incentive for cash depends on you playing the principal crusade over and over – essentially you will not be tossing cash into an arcade machine while you do as such. This is made more agreeable by various courses all through the chateau and the previously mentioned secret weapons and a few accomplishments that really reward various styles of play.


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