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Thymesia undoubtedly wears its influences on its sleeves with Darkish Souls, Sekiro and Bloodborne discovered all through the sombre ambiance to the design of a few of its bosses. The place it differs although is with velocity and dimension. Thymesia is much more compact and the fight may be very quick paced with most important character Corvus having extra velocity when going into battle, utilizing a sabre in a lethal style when placing proper.

In comparison with many Souls-likes, Thymesia has a extra linear degree construction via the three areas. Every comes with its personal most important story marketing campaign goal plus some non-obligatory sub-quests to sort out. The primary story ranges all finish with going through off towards a boss, with the non-obligatory sub-missions additionally having their very own non-obligatory bosses to tackle. The degrees, whereas few in quantity, have some good distinction, going from a plague ridden city to a royal backyard and greenhouse, and a fort. Sadly they there may be various delayed texture loading and a few pop-in all through Thymesia. Some areas do additionally look pretty bland.


Whereas Corvus is a quick fighter, the enemies fluctuate. There are some that may match his velocity, whereas others are a bit slower as they assault with lengthy weapons or from vary. All of those weapons are usable by Corvus because of his personal powers. Corvus wields a sabre to combat with, but additionally has claws that may reave weapons from enemies. These reaved plague weapons can solely be used as soon as, however there is no such thing as a restrict to the quantity of reaving you do. Defeat sufficient enemies and these may also be unlocked after which geared up as a capability, although it should price power to make use of.

Thymesia plague weapons

The claws additionally serve a objective in chipping away at enemy well being. Enemies have an regenerating armour bar that must be chipped away as a way to take away well being. Nevertheless, the armour will solely regenerate as much as the enemy’s well being, in order you are taking away armour, utilizing the claws can take massive chunks of life so the armour can not regenerate as a lot. That is particularly necessary in boss fights.

Corvus can be armed with feather darts that can be utilized to assault from vary and interrupt vital assaults. Nevertheless, the window to interrupt these assaults feels actually brief – by the point the inexperienced flash happens to interrupt, the second has typically already handed. Corvus also can deflect incoming assaults, however once more the window of alternative feels erratic.

Boss fights fluctuate with some extra entertaining than others, however all of them offering a problem. The primary is Odur who undoubtedly acts as a talent test. You will want to make use of Corvus’ skills to take care of the variety of assaults Odur has. Corvus’ skills embody dodging, utilizing the claws, and feather darts to assault from vary and interrupt vital assaults. These skills may be upgraded as you degree up. Your expertise factors can be utilized to improve Corvus’ energy, vitality, and plague, with the latter impacting the ability of claws and plague weapons.

Thymesia claw combat

There are different bosses which are much less partaking. One fortunately non-obligatory boss has an assault that’s mainly unimaginable to dodge and it takes fairly a bit of your well being. Aside from that assault the boss is fairly straightforward to kill, making it really feel fairly low cost. The hitboxes for enemies towards additionally appear overly beneficiant, particularly with bosses. In a pair, you may see an enemy’s weapon not land on Corvus, however he nonetheless takes harm.

Thymesia’s story can be not an actual sturdy level. Every degree delves into Corvus’ thoughts to recall recollections from a plague ravaging the dominion, however there are not any characters that talk and there are so few characters that give any data. There are items of lore world wide that give some data, however it doesn’t draw you into the story all that nicely.  There are a number of endings to Thymesia all relying on what number of quests you full, so there’s a little bit of replayability, although for those who full all of the quests earlier than going through the ultimate boss, you simply need to repeat the combat and make barely completely different selections afterwards to get the completely different endings.


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