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The discharge of Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion turned fairly a number of heads again in 2021. Whereas its cute graphics and witty humor gained over all however probably the most cynical souls, its clunky controls and lackluster rogue-lite gameplay loop left many gamers (and much more critics) wanting extra.

Lower than two years later, the titular radish-adjacent ruffian is again to lift some bell pepper (oof, okay, the pun weight-reduction plan begins now). Turnip Boy Robs a Bank mixes its predecessor’s side-splitting humor with breakneck run-and-gun gameplay, and the ultimate result’s a scrumptious full-course meal that my abdomen couldn’t get sufficient of.

Story: Crime… Crime By no means Adjustments…

Picture: Graffiti Video games

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is a top-shelf instance of a recreation that takes a easy idea and runs so distant with it that it finally ends up on one other continent. By the tip of the sport, our intrepid hero’s quest to dodge his taxes advanced into an epic battle to overthrow town of Veggieville’s tyrannical mayor and avenge his household. Luckily for followers of the unique, Turnip Boy Robs a Bank’s story is simply as off-the-wall absurd as its predecessor’s.

With Veggieville diminished to ruins as a consequence of a civil warfare, Don Dillipino of the Dillipino Crime Household decides to make the most of the chaos and steal the “Mysterious Motherload” hidden inside the Botanical Bank. Nevertheless, that is simpler mentioned than executed, because the financial institution’s ruthless proprietor, Ol’ Smelly, has pulled out all of the stops to construct a financial institution so large, it may well’t fail. Realizing he can’t outfox Ol’ Smelly alone, Dillipino recruits Turnip Boy into his gang, offers him a gun, and sends him off to the races.

Turnip Boy Robs a Bank’s narrative doesn’t give Shakespeare a run for his cash, but it surely did make me care in regards to the recreation’s post-apocalyptic world and its inhabitants. Whereas the plot of Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion went nearly solely for laughs, its sequel is stuffed with stunning revelations and emotional character interactions that play out with out being instantly defused by a joke. As soon as my 10-hour journey by way of the Botanical Bank ended, I used to be genuinely unhappy that my time with Turnip Boy and his crew was over.

Gameplay: A Quick-Paced Frolic That Rewards Expert Play With Curiosity

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One of the important points gamers and critics had with Turnip Boy Commts Tax Evasion was that its Legend of Zelda-inspired gameplay was a bit on the sluggish aspect due to its protagonist’s gradual stroll velocity and the sport’s clunky fight system. Luckily, Turnip Boy Robs a Bank’s gameplay method suffers from precisely none of these points.

Borrowing inspiration from rogue-like dungeon-crawlers like Hades and The Binding of Isaac, Turnip Boy Robs a Bank challenges you to progress deeper and deeper into the Botanical Bank throughout a number of runs. As Turnip Boy, you’ll must struggle by way of a sequence of rooms and hallways crammed with enemies, buying as a lot cash as attainable by robbing money from unsuspecting patrons or looting varied treasures up for show in fancy, simply breakable circumstances.

The period of time you may spend galavanting by way of the financial institution is proscribed by a timer on show in the correct nook of the display screen. As I discovered the exhausting manner, a gentle stream of enemies will begin rappelling into the financial institution as soon as this hits zero, forcing you to retreat to your getaway automotive to flee earlier than you’re overwhelmed. Leaving the financial institution lets you return to your gang’s hideout together with your spoils, however dying forces you to limp residence with half your on-hand money and not one of the treasures you picked up.

If you wish to make it to the innermost depths of the Botanical Bank and behold the Mysterious Motherload with your personal eyes, you’ll want to make use of your ill-gotten positive aspects to purchase upgrades that may let you delve deeper into the advanced. From new weapons I may carry with me into every new run to particular “Robo-Roid” upgrades that completely buffed my well being and injury, I used to be by no means brief on new choices to think about as I labored to craft a construct highly effective sufficient to get me to Ol’ Smelly’s workplace in a single piece.

Development and Exploration: A Meal That Companies However Doesn’t Fairly Fulfill

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Like most dungeon-crawler rogue-likes, the street to your remaining vacation spot is linear in Turnip Boy Robs a Bank. Each new space of the Botanical Bank has just one exit that’s marked clearly in your map. Nevertheless, the trail ahead is nearly all the time blocked by an impediment you gained’t be capable to clear in your first run, which provides a component of puzzle-solving that provides some welcome spice to your journey.

Sadly, the puzzles it’s worthwhile to remedy to progress in Turnip Boy Robs a Bank didn’t train my mind fairly as a lot as they appeared like they might at first look. Whereas the options to those puzzles had been as artistic as they had been amusing, all of them adopted a strict method of returning to the hideout and shopping for no matter it’s worthwhile to advance from the Darkish Internet. Whether or not it was a cardboard field or a tool that might disassemble a meals amalgam, the method of fixing each puzzle was by no means as difficult as I’d hoped it will be.

Luckily, the linearity of the primary route is greater than made up for the numerous branching paths you’ll run into as you run and gun your manner by way of the financial institution. By moving into elevators, you’ll end up in off-shoot rooms crammed with distinctive treasures to loot and characters to work together with. The range on show within the recreation’s predominant areas is cranked as much as eleven in these aspect rooms: one minute, I used to be blasting by way of generic workplace area; the following, I used to be collaborating in a demonic match, becoming a member of an atom-bomb-worshipping cult and serving to a lonely I.T. man increase his pet rock assortment.

These side-rooms are additionally the first manner you remedy Turnip Boy Robs a Bank’s stunning number of many side-quests. With the surface world in shambles, the Botanical Bank has grow to be residence to many foodfolk refugees who need assistance with varied issues. Whereas most of those side-quests turned out to be fetch quests, fixing them all the time felt worthwhile as a result of I used to be rewarded with new music, cosmetics, or simply some enjoyable dialogue.


Picture: Graffiti Video games

Turnip Boy Robs a Bank’s reply to its predecessor’s fight drawback is so simple as earth-shattering: it offers you a gun. Whereas I began the sport with a tiny pistol, my arsenal expanded as I picked up new sorts of firearms from the compost my fallen foes left behind. Fly-shooting frogs, magic wands, and an computerized assault rifle had been simply a number of the ranged weapons I encountered on my trek by way of the financial institution, and all of them had been enjoyable to make use of.

Melee weapons additionally return, however their unwieldiness has been resolved due to including a brand new journey system that lets you rapidly transfer away from enemies and dodge oncoming assaults. To my shock, falling flat on my face saved my life extra occasions than I may rely, making studying the assault sample of each new enemy and boss I encountered a lot simpler.

Turnip Boy’s elevated mobility made nearly each fight occasion into an exhilarating recreation of duck-and-roll-and-shoot that by no means misplaced its allure. Each space of the financial institution launched new enemies that challenged my aiming and dodging expertise in thrilling methods, and every led to a boss struggle in opposition to a strong foe with enjoyable designs and tough assault patterns. Whilst my variety of deaths skyrocketed, the extent of excited anticipation I felt as I stepped right into a boss room by no means diminished.

The Verdict

Picture: Graffiti Video games

Turnip Boy Robs a Bank is a tasty rogue-like that saved discovering new methods to carry me again to the dinner desk. Addictive run-and-gun gameplay, a colourful artwork fashion, and hilarious writing come collectively to create a memorable first course for 2024. Whereas the sport’s puzzles could also be a bit underwhelming, the richness of its fight and exploration had been greater than sufficient to make up for it.

As a lifelong fan of the isometric indie action-adventure video games, Turnip Boy Robs a Bank was a wonderful technique to break within the new yr. Anybody hungry for a refreshing rogue-lite romp might be happy with this pixilated culinary achievement.

This recreation was reviewed utilizing a duplicate of the sport supplied by the sport’s writer,public relations firm, developer or different for the specific objective of a evaluate.

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