Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Review (PS5)

I’m all the time down for a great Souls-like and was thrilled to listen to that Team Ninja was growing Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. I not too long ago replayed Dark Souls and Darkish Souls 2, and I used to be able to get again into motion. Luckily, although this recreation has some flaws and peculiarities, most followers of the style will discover it satisfying.

Huge hassle in Three Kingdoms China

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Wo Long takes place in Three Kingdoms period China. The Yellow Turban Riot is in full pressure, and you are taking the position of a easy militiaman defending a village in opposition to a horde of raiding bandits. Sadly, this model of China has massive (evil) Dynasty Warriors power, so that you’re shortly killed.

Fortunately, you’re shortly revived by means of the facility of a Divine Beast and despatched in your means. You quickly discover {that a} forbidden medication known as Elixir has unleashed darkish forces throughout China and brought on man and beast alike to mutate into monstrosities. In fact, that is all set in opposition to the background of the autumn of the Han dynasty, so that you’ll meet historic figures like Zhao Yun, Zhang Liang, Lu Bu, and others.

Not like many Souls-like video games, there are not any vagarities to the lore right here. So if you happen to’re somebody who by no means cared to learn merchandise descriptions or chase down obscure sidequests, this recreation is for you.

Han-to-Han fight

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Fight in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty seems like a mix of Sekiro and Nioh. Although you’ve got a guard, there’s plenty of emphasis on deflecting and counterattacks, particularly in boss battles. Since there’s no stamina gauge, it pays to be aggressive on this recreation. Nearly each foe has some type of unblockable assault, so staying of their face and guaranteeing they don’t get the possibility to unleash their finest assaults is a viable technique.

The sport has 17 kinds of weapons, starting from one-handed swords to dual-wielded halberds and large hammers. Every kind has a singular transfer set and Martial Arts, however weapons inside a kind behave very equally to 1 one other. For instance, two hammers can have the identical transfer set however might have totally different Martial Arts. Some Souls-like followers may discover this disappointing since video games like Elden Ring differentiate each single weapon from one another.

There’s additionally ranged fight, but it surely’s not nice. One thing about it feels off, and also you by no means have sufficient ammo for it to make a distinction. Not like the Souls video games, the place archery is an extremely helpful various to melee preventing, it’s very tacked on in Wo Long. For probably the most half, I really feel the identical means in regards to the magic system, however I admittedly didn’t dive into it tremendous deep. There could also be a method to optimize your construct to make magic extra helpful.

By the numbers

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty threw all the things however the kitchen sink in concerning gameplay techniques. You’ve bought a standard leveling system the place you spend Real Qi (Souls) to boost stats. There are upgradable weapons, armor, and equipment, and every of those items of drugs has randomized Particular Results and Martial Arts assaults. There’s additionally a magic system, Divine Beast particular assaults, and an NPC recruitment system. So, if you happen to’re into min/maxing, your work is lower out for you. The sport’s premier system, although, is the Morale Rank.

Fully totally different out of your character degree is your Morale Rank. This quantity is consistently in flux, restarts at zero on every map, and helps decide your character’s energy and which spells you possibly can forged. Every time you defeat an enemy or plant a Battle Flag (bonfire) or Marking Flag (checkpoint), your Morale Rank will increase. You lose all of your Morale Factors (and half your Real Qi) every time you die, however you will get them again. Defeating the enemy that killed you’ll fulfill your Revenge (capital R gameplay mechanic), and also you’ll take again what’s yours.

Morale Rank rewards you for going out of your method to discover every degree completely. The additional energy you get from having a excessive Morale Rank could make bosses simpler, and the sport tends to be balanced towards you holding your Morale Factors pretty excessive. Your finest spells additionally require you to have a excessive Morale Rank to forged, which offers one other incentive for reaching for the celebrities.

Who’s the boss?

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Souls-likes are recognized for his or her bombastic bosses, and Wo Long has loads of gigantic and highly effective enemies to struggle. For probably the most half, although, I wasn’t an enormous fan of the boss battles on this recreation. Once you break down fight in most Souls-likes, it comes right down to sample recognition. Each enemy, bosses included, has a set quantity of strikes they’ll draw from, and so they’re all choreographed. So, you possibly can research a foe, be taught their tells, and use that to keep away from or guard in opposition to their assaults whereas hitting them with your personal.

One of the best Souls-likes make the above course of invisible to the participant. Bosses can change issues up or have entry to fringe case strikes that may throw you off. Nevertheless, in Wo Long, most bosses are so inflexible of their patterns that there’s just one method to struggle them. Every of those foes is intimidating at first look, however more often than not, it comes right down to avoiding their assaults till they cost up a Important Blow so you possibly can deflect it to empty their Spirit Gauge (stamina) and execute a Deadly Strike.

Not each boss encounter is paint-by-numbers, and there are ones the sport overestimated beforehand that had me white-knuckling the controller. FromSoftware’s video games definitely have their share of mediocre boss encounters, so Wo Long isn’t setting a precedent right here. I’d have preferred to have seen much less amount and extra high quality out of those encounters as a complete.

It’s no Lordran

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Exploration is my favourite side of Souls-likes, and Wo Long disappoints in that regard. The sport is cut up into dozens of ranges, every of which takes place on a small map. So, as a substitute of adventuring throughout a sprawling, interconnected world, every location is roughly the scale of a Monster Hunter map.

That’s to not say that there weren’t secrets and techniques to seek out in them. There are hidden areas to find, with improbable treasures and highly effective foes ready inside. However not one of the environments pack the punch of Lordran, Drangleic, Lothric, Ashina, or the Lands Between.

The benefit to that is you can have bite-sized Souls-like morsels. Every degree solely takes round half-hour to an hour to finish on common, which is great for gamers who need to get into the motion shortly.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty overview: The ultimate verdict

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a difficult romp by means of a darkish fantasy model of Romance of the Three Kingdoms and works effectively as a Soulslite. Every degree is a bite-sized Souls expertise to be conquered and moved previous. The tight, difficult fight will thrill followers of the style, however the lack of an interconnected world may flip off those who love the joys of exploration.

  • Fascinating tackle Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

  • Tight fight.

  • Some bosses make for wonderful fights.

  • Loads of methods to customise your character.

  • Exploration suffers compared to many Souls-likes.

  • Some boss fights stick means too shut to 1 assault sample.

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