Another Tales from the Borderlands game is turning out in 2022

An generally new Tales from the Borderlands experience is turning out in 2022, with a full declaration set to be made this summer.


That’s basically the sum of the declaration, however there’s a little that we can as of now induce about this new undertaking. For a certain something, the game is coming from Gearbox and 2K, without any notice of Telltale Games who fostered the acclaimed unique realistic experience series. Taking into account that Telltale’s forthcoming undertakings have leant in external groups – AdHoc Games for The Wolf Among Us 2 and Deck Nine for The Expanse – it’s nothing unexpected that Gearbox has acquired this game house. In any case it will be extraordinary to perceive how they can proceed with the undertakings of previous Hyperion representative Rhys and scalawag Fiona.

The roundabout series invested a little energy in the wild after the conclusion and restoration of Telltale Games, yet in 2021, Gearbox gave an indication of aim for saving their thief shooter establishment by bringing it back to digital stores. The organization has kept on growing external the really game series with side projects like Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, and there’s an impending film that is in after creation with a delivery scheduled for at some point this year. Additionally Borderlands alcohol.

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