Bloodborne-enlivened Thymesia gets demo and delivery date

Bloodborne fans, here’s a forthcoming activity RPG that might intrigue you. Previously announced earlier this year, Thymesia has an affirmed delivery date set for August 9, 2022.


Created by Chinese designer, OverBorder Studio, and distributed by Team17, the game will be select to PC and new-gen console including PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Those needing to get some early active time with Thymesia can play the PC demo, which is accessible from this point until May ninth as a component of Steam’s Going Rogue Festival. This occasion praises the roguelike class and its heap branch-offs, including games from Hollow Knight and Sekiro, to Nioh and Rogue Legacy 2.

About Thymesia

A realm once flourishing with the force of speculative chemistry enters a period of catastrophe. In the wake of finding the cost behind speculative chemistry, an endeavor to stop its utilization misfired. Inside a couple of days, the realm was in tumult and the roads pervaded with monsters.

The key to seeing all of this is in Corvus’ grasp, however he has lost his memory. Reality must be found inside his recollections, however every time he plunges back in, he just tracks down additional secrets.

  • Weaponising illnesses: As Corvus, players can hold onto infections from adversaries and use them as dangerous weapons
  • Engaging battle: Players should utilize their whole armory to keep away from death; avoiding assaults and repelling brilliantly will be instrumental to survival
  • A dim and lethal world: With a vile and desolate scenery, Thymesia overflows character through its surroundings and setting
  • Unforgiving foes: Corrupted by the plague, and changed into beasts, the foes are curved and unimaginably unfriendly, testing players at each turn
  • Replayability: The capacity to tweak Corvus and attempt various forms, combined with the numerous various endings accessible, implies no two playthroughs are ever the same.

From the liquid battle to its plague-ridden setting, we’re most certainly getting a Bloodborne vibe however there’s sufficient to isolate Thymesia from the always famous PlayStation exclusive.

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