Crackdown 3 Fails To Chart In February NPD Top 20 For Debut Month


Crackdown 3 has surely been one of the longest gestating rounds of this age of control center after at first being uncovered as an approach to truly push distributed computing on the Xbox One and what it could do. Following various years and seemingly numerous redesigns, the game at last delivered last month to disheartening audits all over. We saw games like Anthem and Jump Force conquer negative audits to sell well for the long stretch of February, yet Crackdown 3 was not so fortunate in its introduction month.

As detailed by VentureBeat as usual, the February NPD numbers were simply delivered yesterday and it was nothing unexpected to see some of the games at the top. While we didn’t anticipate that Crackdown 3 should win the month, it positively did more terrible than we could have ever expected.

When taking a gander at the main 20 for the long stretch of February, Crackdown 3 is no place to be seen at all. Your first thought may be that any Xbox game would neglect to diagram well due to being essential for Xbox Game Pass, yet that has not been the situation before. Games like Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 beat the NPD outlines in their individual months last year even with Game Pass, so the relationship there doesn’t appear to match up.

This is really a significant frustration for Xbox after the achievement they had in 2018 behind the previously mentioned games and furthermore Forza Horizon 4, yet the promotion around Crackdown 3 has been negligible for a spell because of what amount of time it has required. The surveys for the game absolutely didn’t assist with supporting deals in any kind of mood, with Twitch numbers likewise being nearly non-existent just after launch.

Hopefully this isn’t the finish of the Crackdown series however, as the initial two games offered heaps of tomfoolery. Crackdown 3 just felt like it was continuously going to frustrate with the huge delay and changes made after some time. On the off chance that Terry Crews can’t save a game for you, there probably isn’t anyone that could.

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