Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost Gone quest is bugged

Destiny 2 Gone but Not Forgotten

Destiny 2 Gone however Not Forgotten

UPDATE: The bug has now been fastened.


Authentic story beneath…

The annual Festival of the Lost has begun in Destiny 2 and it brings with it a brand new patch and what seems to be a slew of bugs. The principle subject, and one I can verify, is that Step 5 of the Gone however Not Forgotten quest is bugged and can’t be progressed. Bungie are conscious of the problem.

Together with that customers on Reddit are reporting that the Shiny Mud given out by bounties has been lowered from 200 to 100, the Candy tracker doesn’t work, and after killing ten Headless Ones within the seasonal occasion you simply must sit and wait for the timer to depend down earlier than the ultimate boss arrives. Others are reporting Step 7 of the Gone however Not Forgotten quest is bugged, Horror Story is missing a perk and fairly a number of different points.

On the plus facet, it appears  you will get (almost) infinite high stat helmet rolls. 

When you look forward to Bungie to squash the bugs, listed here are the patch notes from right now’s 6.2.5 replace.



    • Mounted a problem the place Crucible and Iron Banner Seasonal kills and deaths have been solely being up to date at match full, fairly than regularly through the match.
    • Mounted a problem the place Guardian eliminations didn’t progress the Seasonal Greetings Triumph. Mounted a problem in Rumble the place some incorrect voiceover strains have been taking part in.
        • Shaxx apologies profusely.


    • Mounted a problem the place Crucible medals have been awarded fairly than Iron Banner ones.
    • Mounted subject the place shutdown bonus factors have been awarded a number of occasions if multiple participant contributed to the shutdown.
        • It’s going to now solely award factors to the crew as soon as.
    • Mounted a problem the place the sport kind icon didn’t show on the exercise intro display screen.


    • Ruffians will not despawn when drill phases finish. Moreover, their spawn charge has elevated by 7%.


    • Treasure Coordinates will now drop after exercise completion.


    • Added mitigations for points the place gamers might inadvertently die after ringing the Bell of Conquest within the Duality dungeon.
    • Mounted a problem in Duality dungeon the place quickly interacting with Calus statues might block development.
    • Mounted a problem in King’s Fall the place gamers obtained affirmation on completion of the Deepsight puzzle however didn’t have the chest spawn.
    • Mounted a problem in King’s Fall the place gamers would take part progress on the fallacious location earlier than beginning the Golgoroth encounter.



    • Mounted a problem the place Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk Overshield allowed gamers to realize infinite Juggernaut melees, Loreley Splendor Helm Sunspots, and Promethium Spur Rifts.
    • Mounted a problem the place Ionic Traces Generated from Fallen Star granted Glaive protect power.
    • Mounted a problem the place Daybreak Refrain was not exhibiting in gamers Collections.
    • Second Probability Anti-barrier protect throw will now totally deplete a Barrier Champions barrier on the Grandmaster degree.


    • Model of Horrors Least not within the recreation has been eliminated as a requirement for the Dreaming Metropolis badge for all three lessons.
    • Blood Feud Submachine Gun will not seem tiny on the inspection display screen.
    • Mounted Want-Ender’s Queens Wrath perk not working in Crucible.
    • Mounted Iron Banner Sidearm and Rocket Launcher from the rewards monitor not having Masterwork slots.
    • Mounted King’s Falls Sundered Flesh shader that was making use of inconsistently.
    • Mounted the glow on the Peacebringer weapon decoration.



            • Elevated the results of the soundness stat on recoil discount by round 20% on the excessive finish.
            • Elevated vital harm multiplier from 1.5 to 1.55 which raises the vital harm from 30 to 31.
            • Elevated Bows stow period. Period varies by subfamily and dealing with stat.
                • Earlier than with 0 to 100 dealing with.
                    • Light-weight: 0.4 to 0.2s.
                    • Precision: 0.433 to 0.2s.
                • After with 0 to 100 dealing with:
                    • Light-weight: 0.45 to 0.3s.
                    • Precision: 0.48 to 0.33s.
            • Rebalanced the impact of the dealing with throughout Pulse Rifles.
                • Elevated results of dealing with by 5% on the excessive finish (principally impacts Lightweights and Adaptives).
                • Lowered results of dealing with by 2% on the low finish (principally impacts Excessive-Impacts and Speedy-Fires).
            • Adjusted harm falloff scale primarily based on the vary stat.
                • 0 vary: lowered from 16 to 15m.
            • Elevated the precision multiplier from 1.6x to 1.65x (crit harm goes from 30.4 to 31.4).
            • Piece of Thoughts base zoom lowered from 19 to 18.
            • Lowered physique harm from 42 to 40, and crit harm from 73.5 to 70.
            • Elevated auto intention fall-off distance by 30% throughout the board.
            • Beforehand Sidearms have been the one main weapon the place auto intention fell off considerably earlier than harm, this brings them as much as parity with different main weapons.
            • Lowered harm fall-off finish (the space at which the harm dealt by the weapon in hip-fire reaches its lowest level, going ADS extends this distance) from 24m to 23m throughout the board.
            • This implies harm fall off will start on the identical level, however harm will lower a bit quicker.
            • Elevated vital harm from 22.4 to 23.8 and base harm from 16 to 17.
            • Lowered the zoom of Shayura’s Wrath, Shayura’s Wrath (Adept), and Friction Fireplace from 16 to fifteen.
            • Lowered vital harm from 18.2 to 17.9 and base harm from 11 to 10.85.
            • Lowered the impact the intrinsic Precision Body perk has on recoil course by 50% for Fusion Rifles solely.
        • Lowered Glaive protect harm resistance vs gamers from 75% to 50%.
            • Harm from participant supers unchanged at 50%.
            • Harm from non-players unchanged at 97.5%.
            • Elevated the settle time after receiving flinch by 60%.
            • Lowered obtained flinch in PvE.
            • Elevated impact of the soundness on recoil discount on the low finish of the stat by round 10%, on the excessive finish of the stat by round 25%.
            • Elevated blast radius by 0.4m throughout the board.


        • Eliminated audio cue from activation.
        • Eliminated the 20% scalar on intention help fall off.


        • Mounted a problem the place the Queen’s Wrath perk was not correctly making use of Truesight in sure PvP maps, Lost Sectors, and different actions.
        • Lowered intention help by 20.
        • When Launch the Wolves is energetic:
            • Lowered ADS accuracy penalty 10x to 3x.
            • Eliminated the beforehand present 25% common base harm buff.
            • Added 40% further PvE harm buff.
            • Eliminated the 50% vital hit multiplier penalty.
        • Lowered recoil course stat from 90 to 73.
        • Lowered intention help stat from 45 to 40.
        • Lowered harm resistance versus gamers when Arc Superconductor is energetic from 50% to fifteen%.


    • Mounted a problem the place some icons have been displaying with the fallacious background at Ikora.
    • Mounted a problem with Burning Mail the place the digital camera generally might detach whereas spinning at particular sensitivities.
    • Mounted a problem the place each Lightning Surge and Thunderclap talents weren’t doing harm to Stasis crystals or Bleak Watchers.
    • Mounted a problem the place Gathering Storm, Lightning Surge, Thunderclap, and Jolt icons weren’t exhibiting up within the kill feed.
    • Mounted a problem the place Mixture Blow wouldn’t deactivate when swapping subclasses.
    • Mounted a problem the place Void Overshield key phrase flyout was proven when inspecting Whisper of Rime.


    • Mounted a problem the place gamers on PlayStation Community continued seeing the Lightfall pre-order upsell dialog after they’d bought the pre-order. Interacting with the dialog despatched them to the shop product web page, which accurately confirmed Lightfall as already owned.
    • Mounted a problem the place the acquisition affirmation toast didn’t seem on Xbox, Microsoft, or Sony platforms after buying the Season 18 Season Move.


    • Mounted a photosensitivity subject the place the Ketch turrets have been flashing within the participant’s digital camera when focused.
    • Mounted a problem the place new Hunter characters made on veteran accounts might have incorrect subclass entry.
    • Mounted a problem the place the Deepsight platforms would block a portal within the Throneworld mission, The Ritual.

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