Pilot training program Top Gun: Maverick DLC is coming out this month

Microsoft and Asobo Studio have declared that the free Top Gun: Maverick DLC “experience” for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be emerging on 25th May. You’ll have the option to look at the new warrior stream content across PC, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Cloud Gaming.


Originally expected to show up last year, the Top Gun: Maverick DLC was delayed alongside the film’s release, and it’s a good idea that the experience is being added to the game only days before the 27th May dramatic presentation. The film tie in will clear work best and have the greatest common advantage assuming it dispatches around the hour of the movie.

It’s not yet known what the Top Gun: Maverick substance will incorporate, yet regardless of whether it’s just about as straightforward as including a contender stream and giving you some specific flight difficulties, it’s actually going to be somewhat unique to a significant number of the planes presently found in the game.

Asobo has been exceptionally occupied through the most recent two years, first delivering Flight Simulator for PC in the mid year of 2020, and afterward following that up with the Xbox Series X|S discharge a year after the fact. We reviewed Flight Simulator on console, with extraordinary things to say:

“Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X|S is a remarkable achievement, and one which brings the flight simulator experience into your living room with emphatic effect. There’s no sense that this is a cut-back console port, but one that widens the genre’s influence into places it’s never conquered before.”

The game deliveries may be the two high marks of the game’s life to date, yet Asobo has additionally consistently refreshed it around those achievements, switching back and forth between updates to the hidden reenactment and upgrading the ecological detail through various districts in the game’s amusement of the world. The game incorporates in a real sense the entire world for you to fly across, yet to include that measure of information Asobo needed to concoct a clever methodology of taking Bing Maps satellite symbolism and permitting AI to fill in structures, streets, extensions and something else for a large part of the planet. They then specifically added hand-demonstrated air terminals and tourist spots and further developed city detail with flyby information. That work has gone on since send off with 8 world updates, the latest of which showed up in March and upgraded Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and Andorra.

We anticipate seeing where they’ll refresh next.

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