For Honor update 2.36 releases Year 6 Season 2

For Honor update 2.36 has quite recently gone live, and it’s a major one. Leaving the Golden Age behind, today champions set out on an Egyptian themed odyssey in Year 6 Season 2.

Dubbed “Cursed of the Scarab” fans can expect a new flood of content as new occasions, another unbelievable legend skin, and a fight pass stacked with themed beauty care products for your number one warriors. There’s a decent opportunity we’ll likewise be getting a new hero towards the finish of the season.


You can download For Honor update 2.36 on every accessible stage. Note that you’ll have to introduce it before you can get to any of the game’s elements, even it’s independent modes and content. Meanwhile, Ubisoft has framed various changes and upgrades for its lead battling game.

Some features incorporate nerfs for the Pirate as well as completely executed revamps for both the Conqueror and Shaolin. You can get the full change log below.

For Honor Update 2.36 Patch Notes



  • Grand Cavalier (Side Dodge Heavy)
    • are currently 600ms (from 533ms)
  • Walk the Plank
    • Step out into certain doom’s reach was decreased by 0.5m
    • Walk the Plank’s Top rendition’s positive headway diminished to be equivalent to the Side versions
    • Walk the Plank’s pin recuperation is presently 1500ms (from 1300ms)
    • Pistol Blast from Walk the Plank currently takes care of 30 retribution (from 5)
    • Pistol Blast from Walk the Plank presently costs 6 endurance (from 15)
    • Pistol Blast on block/miss’ reach was decreased by 0.5m

Developer’s Comment: These progressions are designated at explicit regions where Pirate is beating other heroes:

  • Walk the Plank ought to at this point not have the option to combo into itself on wallsplat
  • Pistol Blast from Walk the Plank ought to as of now not empower 100-0 ganks with vengeance not activating
  • Pistol Blast after Block or Miss has less reach, lessening its capacity to follow opponents
  • Grand Cavalier ought to be all the more effectively reactable in 1v1 situations


*Developer’s Comment: Conqueror was risky in that the legend’s protection was extremely high however needed appropriate offense beyond Shield Bash; we’ve zeroed in on making the legend more practical in both 1v1 and bunch battle scenarios.*

Full Block Stance

  • Can currently be utilized to drop the recuperation of any attack
  • Now permits Stamina Regeneration after 300ms
  • Recovery is currently 300ms (from 200ms)
  • No longer acquires less vengeance while in Full Block Stance
  • Stamina is not generally depleted while hindering assaults while in Full Block Stance
  • Can never again drop into Zone Attack
  • Can currently start Flail Uppercut and Scutage Collection while obstructing an attack

Developer’s Comment: Conqueror’s Full Block Stance was challenging to utilize; it was available just from specific states, depleted endurance while impeding and gave Conqueror less Revenge while impeding assaults. We’ve changed the move so it can now be utilized as a recuperation drop to discover rivals performing evade assaults, as well as gave it better subsequent meet-ups to utilize in view of the circumstance (bunch battle or 1v1).

Flail Uppercut

  • Is presently performed by squeezing Heavy after any Superior Block or Shield Bash
  • Is no longer Undodgeable
  • Can currently be Parried
  • Now bargains 17 harm (from 20)
  • Can execute

Developer’s Comment: Flail Uppercut has changed its contribution through the Testing Grounds, and presently winds up back on the Heavy button. It is currently additionally accessible subsequent to performing Shield Bash (both from Dodge and in Chains) to give Conqueror a superior followup to Shield Bashes, offering the legend more chances to execute rivals and better harm yield in 1v1 situations.

NEW MOVE: Scutage Collection

  • Performed by squeezing Light after any Superior Block or Shield Bash
  • Deals 15 damage
  • Costs 9 Stamina
  • 360-degree trajectory
  • 466ms to hit locked target, 566ms complete length (like most Zone Attacks, it can hit rivals in the wake of hitting its fundamental target)

Developer’s Comment: We’re acquainting another move with Conqueror to assist the legend with performing better in dwarfed circumstances – Scutage Collection can be utilized both after any Superior Block (counting Full Block Stance and while Dodging) as well as after any Shield Bash; this allows Conqueror to hit close by adversaries when encircled (rather than being left with just Flail Uppercut).

Zone Attack

  • Now bargains 15 harm (from 8)
  • Can never again be held
  • No longer has Superior Block
  • Now starts chains

Developer’s Comment: Conqueror’s Zone Attack was excessively cautious; players could involve it in light of assaults at repel timing and either block the assault or hit the bluff to Guard Break or light assault. Also, holding Zone Attack was simply genuinely valuable because of the Superior Block capability, and made Conqueror particularly too solid and irritating in the follower path. We’ve eliminated these properties yet additionally further developed how Zone Attack performs by causing it to cause more harm, making it start chains and giving it better hitboxes to hit individuals around the legend better.

Opener Heavy Attacks

  • Top adaptation currently bargains 27 harm (from 24)
  • Side variants presently bargain 24 harm (from 22)
  • Charged renditions are presently all 700ms (from 800ms for top)
  • Charged forms presently need to charge for 600ms to acquire Unblockable (from 1000ms)
  • Charged variants currently bargain 28 harm (from 32 for top and 30 for side)
  • Removed Superior Block property
  • Conqueror can never again Block while charging Heavy Attack
  • Removed delicate bluff to Shield Uppercut
  • Can presently be feinted

Developer’s Comment: We’ve normalized the harm on Conqueror’s top and side uncharged adaptations so they are in-accordance with different legends. We’ve likewise brought down how much time Conqueror needs to charge the Heavies to make them simpler to utilize. We’ve likewise eliminated the Superior Block property from this move; this property used to let Conqueror choice select attacks.

Chained Heavy Attacks

  • Top Chained Heavy assault is presently 800ms (from 900ms)
  • All sides are currently Unblockable
  • Improved weapon directions on side variants to have more reach
  • Removed delicate bluff to Shield Uppercut
  • Can presently be feinted

Developer’s Comment: Conqueror’s Chained Heavy goes after didn’t end up being undermining enough; by giving them the Unblockable property, they gain considerably more strain. Their capacity to be bluffed now likewise allows Conqueror to do bluff to-Guard Break to beat evades and rolls, and their superior directions ought to assist Conqueror with performing better in dwarfed situations.

Further, the Unblockable heavies are intended to put a greater amount of Conqueror’s concentration onto involving the actual thrash for offense.

Shield Bash from Dodge

  • No longer depletes stamina
  • No longer stops endurance regeneration
  • Now chains to Flail Uppercut or Scutage Collection on hit

Shield Bash mistake (Used in chains)

  • No longer depletes stamina
  • No longer stops endurance regeneration
  • Now chains to Flail Uppercut or Scutage Collection on hit
  • Now costs 10 stamina
  • Can currently be feinted

Developer’s Comment: We’ve taken out the capacity for Conqueror’s Shield Bash to deplete and stop endurance to make the assault more pleasant; already, Conqueror could keep rivals out of endurance for a significant stretch of time with Shield Bash. This is not true anymore. To redress, Shield Bash now has better, committed subsequent meet-ups for both 1v1 and dwarfed circumstances, and the fastened rendition can now be bluffed for better mistakes in 1v1.


Developer’s Comment: Shaolin’s redo centers around working on the legend’s stream, as well as getting better openers and more ways of getting into Qi Stance.

Qi Stance Attacks

  • Can currently drop Qi Stance with a Dodge
  • Astonishing Blossom assaults are presently 500ms (from 700ms)
  • Astonishing Blossom assaults are currently Enhanced
  • Top Astonishing Blossom no longer Stuns
  • Elegant Lotus assaults are currently 700ms (from 1000ms from top and 600ms on sides)
  • Top Elegant Lotus is presently Undodgeable (no longer Unblockable)
  • Sun Kick presently chains on miss
  • Sun Kick Strike is presently 400ms (from 300ms)
  • Sun Kick no longer binds to Sweep
  • Qi Stance Light, Heavy and Sun Kick Strike presently chain to Sun Sweep
  • Sun Sweep is presently 800ms (from 700ms)
  • Sun Sweep can be feinted
  • Sun Sweep no longer unbalances allies
  • Sun Sweep recuperation presently recovers guard in the last 300ms
  • Sun Sweep currently has a devoted subsequent move

New Move: Sun Sweep Heavy Followup

  • Sun Sweep Heavy Followup is performed by squeezing the Heavy button
  • Is 700ms
  • Costs 12 stamina
  • Deals 24 damage
  • Initiates chains too as can enter Qi Stance

Developer’s Comment: We’ve centered around ensuring that Qi Stance assaults were more steady, streamed better with Sweep and allows players to perform more Qi Stance assaults than previously. The new Sweep can constantly get back to Qi Stance when players accurately read their rivals’ activities, Qi Stance Lights can now be utilized to start the Sweep in a more steady way and Qi Stance Top Heavy being Undodgeable means it will be more challenging to get irregular blocks while endeavoring to evade Sun Kick.

Side Dodge Attacks

  • Now start chains
  • Now can enter Qi Stance
  • Now have greater development, both front and side

Developer’s Comment: Shaolin’s side evade goes after frequently felt abandoned; while they are great evade assaults, Shaolin’s stream halted while playing out these assaults. They currently can both start chains and enter Qi Stance, offering Shaolin better stream and more chances to go on the offensive.

New Move: Flying Monkey Variant

  • Performed by squeezing Guard Break from Front Dodge
  • Is a 500ms Melee attack
  • Performed at 300ms to 500ms from Front Dodge
  • Chains to impartial Light or Heavy assault on hit or miss

Designer’s Comment: Shaolin required a dependable opener to both enter Qi Stance and take part in bunch battle circumstances – this move ought to assist Shaolin with performing much better in 1v1 circumstances where it ought to be more straightforward to enter Qi Stance with this opener.

Light Opener Attacks

  • Top Light opener is presently Enhanced
  • Side Light opener brush

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