For Honor’s new legend is the Medjay, showing up the following week

Ubisoft has authoritatively uncovered For Honor’s new legend, the Medjay. This Egyptian warrior will join the game’s flow list on July 28, 2022 as a component of Year 6 Season 2.


As generally, each For Honor legend is characterized by their weapon of decision. For Neferkha the Medjay, this is the Fan Ax which is certainly one of the game’s most novel weapons to date. In post structure, the twofold finished hatchet can slice at enemies from a good ways, parting into two axes when the Medjay needs to shut in for some destructive, double using action.

During Ubisoft’s most recent For Honor Warrior’s Den livestream, fans were blessed to receive a top to bottom gander at the person’s move set and accomplishments. On the off chance that we needed to figure, the Medjay’s perplexing pack will make him a “hard” level legend, however this doesn’t mean newbies or fledgling players will not have the option to pull off a few showy kills and combos.

The Medjay will show up on Thursday, July 28, 2022, and will at first be accessible as an exceptional buy as it were. According to the cost of past legends, we’d anticipate that he should cost around £6.49 at send off. Be that as it may, assuming you’re willing to stand by two or three weeks, you can open him by burning through 15,000 Steel. Offered how liberal For Honor is in dispersing this in-game cash most standard players will as of now have the assets to get the Medjay after his short exceptional access period.

In early 2022 Ubisoft added the Pirate, the main legend in the new Outlanders group. Not at all like different groups, which depend on Knight, Vikings, Samurai, and champions of Ancient China, the Outlanders offer Ubi the chance to make new characters who don’t opening into one of these coalitions. Who could the following For Honor legend be? Perhaps an apache or aztec warrior? A legend in view of a Rajput Warrior or Persian Immortal?

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What’s changed since For Honor sent off in 2017? In the event that you’re a passed player, is it worth getting once more into? Peruse our For Honor 2022 review.

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