Games with Gold January 2023 titles have been confirmed

Microsoft has confirmed the road up for January’s Games with Gold, with the video games being Iris Fall and Autonauts. They are going to be accessible to Xbox Stay Gold members and Xbox Recreation Move Final subscribers.

What are January 2023’s Xbox Games with Gold?

The 2 video games will nonetheless have a staggered fortnightly launch, as has been commonplace since Games with Gold turned a factor, however there’s no 360 video games alongside. The 2 titles are:


In our Iris Fall review, Steve wrote, “Iris.Fall is a deliberately bite-sized experience and could easily be completed in a single sitting. Whether this amounts to value for money obviously depends on your perspective, but given the relative cost compared to a DVD or Blu-ray I think it is worth picking up to experience the artistry at hand here. The visual design is exemplary and the narrative is pleasing enough. Definitely a game that is worth a look if you like the art style and the idea of the puzzles, but be prepared for a couple of frustrating moments. Iris.Fall shouldn’t be left in the shadows.”

We don’t have a assessment for Autonauts, however right here is the blurb for it, “The world is yours for the building! Find uninhabited planets and transform them. Starting with the absolute basics of harvesting sticks and stones, you’ll begin your foundation. Eventually, you can move up to building workerbots, who in turn can help you build more after you hone their artificial intelligence. Teach them to fish, harvest, cook, tailor, and more. Before you know it, you can create Folk who will need your assistance to survive. This is an adorably designed sim game that is open-ended and provides tons of fun challenges for you to master. Set the world in motion through automation.”

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