Grounded gets last ‘Final lap’ test update before full September discharge

The last update for Grounded has been delivered, as Obsidian Entertainment lock in for the last surge of game improvement paving the way to the affirmed 27th September day for kickoff for the full 1.0 adaptation of the game. Here’s Game Director Adam Brennecke with a video about the milestone.


The center endurance game is out for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC in Game Preview and on Xbox Game Pass at the present time, yet will get a monstrous update for its full delivery, adding a ton of game story and content past what’s been accessible through the most recent two years. While we already knew that Grounded is going to come out in September, Brennecke has now put a hard date of 27th September for the game’s launch.

Update 0.14 is to be the last update for the game, and it’s more modest and more designated that a few past satisfied refreshes that have emerged throughout recent years. It’s likewise restricted to the Public Test part of the game, with the goal that the vitally Game Preview and Early Access fabricate can stay predictable and consistent for the full send off – here’s how to get access to the Grounded Public Test.

Update 0.14 will allow you to see having gnats for pets, another cookery constructing, the capacity to switch games over completely to be custom, and the redo to how covering and weapons are upgraded.

Grounded was reported and placed Xbox Game Preview back in 2020, perhaps the earliest new venture from the as of late obtained Obsidian Entertainment. The game is a stage away from the organization’s conventional RPG charge, a four player center endurance game that gets a little from the exemplary film Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!

With the full send off, you’ll currently get the full tale about how a crazy lab rat unintentionally (?) shrank you and your mates down to the size of a bug, yet there will likewise be new covering recipes, new weapon recipes and the startling Mantis to battle.

Here’s the fix notes for Grounded 0.14

Convert Non-Custom Games to Custom

You can now change over any non-custom game into a custom game whenever while playing to have the option to tune values on any game as you go.

Gnat Pet

You can now tame and possess a blundering little gnat pet. Pets are likewise more supportive and less soft as framed in tuning changes further below.

Rest Time-lapse

Upon resting, you will see a fast time-slip by of the yard as the 8 hours pass.

BURG.L Moves!

BURG.L has gained an adequate number of chips to recall that he can move his tracks to review the Oak lab and satisfy his collaborator duties.

Import Save

The “Save Game” interface presently permits bringing Steam saves into the Windows Store variant of the game.

Rotten Meat Slurry: For subduing Gnats.


  • Meals are currently created at the new Cookery working rather than the Oven.
  • Meals can be made a whole lot sooner in the game now.
  • Unlocked by buying the “Cooking 101” Science Shop open which is one of the default opens you can buy once opening the ASL station.

Armor and Weapon Upgrade Changes

  • Quartzite, Leather Scraps and Leather Plates has been eliminated from the game.
  • Upgrades presently require a remarkable, non-respawning, asset tracked down across the yard
    • Defensive layer updates require “Fashion Nuggets”
      • Levels +1 through +5 require “Fashion Nuggets”
      • Levels +6 and +7 require “Cool Fashion Nuggets”
      • Levels +8 and +9 require “Rad Fashion Nuggets”
    • Weapon overhauls require “Tough Nuggets”
      • Levels +1 through +5 requires “Tough Nuggets”
      • Levels +6 and +7 require Globs like previously, however are made out of “Cool Tough Nuggets”
      • Levels +8 and +9 require Jewels like previously, yet are created out of “Rad Tough Nuggets”
  • Cost of redesigns has been decisively diminished
    • Levels +1 through +5
      • Weapons start at 2 and increment directly: 2 → 4 → 6 → 8 → 10
      • Armors start at 1 and increment straightly: 1 → 2 → 3 → 4 → 5
    • Levels +6 and +7
      • Weapons start at 5: 5 → 10
      • Armor beginnings at 2: 2 → 4
    • Levels +8 and +9
      • Weapons start at 5: 5 → 10
      • Armor beginnings at 2: 2 → 4
  • Tough Nuggets can be found by collecting Stones of Toughness. Style Nuggets can be found by collecting Rocks of Fashion.
  • Fashion and Tough Nuggets can likewise be tracked down in lab chests.
  • At specific focuses in the game you’ll unlock making recipes to make Fashion and Tough Nuggets, progressing the assets from limited to boundless.
    • Note: Rad Nuggets can not be made until 1.0.

Factional Reactivity/MIX.Rs/Waft Emitter

  • The measure of obliteration that should be possible to bigger bases has been lowered.
  • Each group presently has an alternate standing worth necessity before it ends up being irritated with the player.
  • Players will never again be gone after by heaps of bigger animals at a similar time.
  • Larva have been added to Factional Reactivity and the Waft Emitter.
  • Buildings obliterated by safeguard occasion animals currently drop a modest quantity of the assets it took to fabricate it.
  • Base assault trouble will gradually increase throughout the span of a playthrough as opposed to having the option to immediately go from simple to very hard over a brief time of time.
  • Base assaults will can at this point not trigger while in a lab or underground.
  • The Waft Emitter will never again work in the Haze while the dimness is still active.
  • Improved animal producing areas for base attacks.
  • An Auto-Save will endeavor to set off just before a Payback assault or MIX.R occasion trigger.


  • You never again will be sporadically sent off sideways subsequent to hitting your head while jumping.


  • Updated and worked on a small bunch of run/walk/assault third individual animations.


  • Assistant Manager supervisor has new music.
  • Volume and distance constrictions of animal sounds acclimated to all the more likely illuminate the player about what’s nearby.
  • Unique encompassing sounds added to assist with enhancing soundscape.
  • Improvements to in general blend and clarity.


  • Crow feather bolts granted per create expanded from 2 to 5.
  • Glue Factory name changed to Glue Masher.
  • Glue Masher has refreshed art.


  • Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean presently utilize right textual styles for those languages.


  • Various changes and enhancements to the Read To Me highlight have been made all through the UI.
  • When exploring dropdown menu choices, the record of the chose choice will be narrated.


  • Final experience in the Haze lab has been tuned:
    • Default number of foes reduced.
    • Additional adversaries are added in view of trouble level.
    • Additional/harder adversaries are added in light of player count.
  • Bows currently cause reward harm while completely charging a shot rather than snapshotting.
  • Spicy Coaltana can now set off Burr Traps when thrown.


  • Pets will never again leave the player when they are despondent.
    • Pet satisfaction oversees different things, however won’t ever make your pet leave anymore.
  • Pet hardware presently gives pets significant cautious updates
    • +200% reward max HP
    • Bonus DT in view of level of equipment
    • Bonus DR in light of level of equipment
  • Passive buffs given for having a functioning pet have been tuned.
  • Pet stock can now be opened straightforwardly from the player stock screen by means of a new “Pet” button.
  • Weevil pet tombstone has new art.


  • The “Save Game” connection point will just show saves from the current playthrough rather than all of your saves.
  • Data page on the SCA.B has been gotten to the next level
    • Things are presently recategorized to more readily fit the story
    • Some sound logs and notes are currently dated
    • Items are presently arranged and it’s simpler to recognize logs and things that are missing
  • The secret key being composed while joining a multiplayer game is presently hidden.
  • Custom Game Settings (and subsequently the Game Difficulty setting) can be gotten to from the Death screen.
  • BURG.L journeys can be obtained by double tapping them.
  • A button to see the Survival Guide has been added to the Death screen.
  • The “Build a Lean-to” endurance journey currently shows the Building Radial control close to it.

Building General

  • Dead players will never again bob endlessly on vertical bob networks until they respawn.

Building Placement

  • Floors currently support cells and walls under themselves.
  • Floors require just 2 resources with the ground as opposed to 3.
  • Sap Catchers can at this point not be connected to Turrets.


  • Save game sizes have been reduced.
  • Reduced memory usage.


  • House deck wood boards have been tidied up and openings have been patched.
  • Cookie Sandwiches currently follow the new “big food” structure presented on wieners and apples in 0.13.


  • Hostile bugs tie all the more suitably, including those bothersome mosquitos.
  • Scarab HP has been halved.
  • Scarab fringe vision cone has been decreased (it’s simpler to surprise them).
  • Added new BURG.L journeys for killing the accompanying bugs: Black Ants, Antlions, Black Ox Beetles, Ladybirds, Dust Mites, Rolypolys, Termites, Tadpoles, Water Boatmen, Water Fleas, and Diving Bell Spiders.
  • Ladybird Larva currently drop up to 5 spikes each


  • Improved player shadows while playing in first individual view.

Major Fixes

  • Clients can now accurately utilize stepping stools that were recently broken when implicit some areas.
  • The player can’t unbind basic controls, for example, “UI – Select” by restricting the way in to a clashing control.
  • Multiplayer games that have been dynamic for longer than an hour and a half never again quit appearing in the Game Finder window or keep players from getting by means of invites.
  • Fixed issue together with clients experiencing difficulty facilitating or joining multiplayer games in the wake of having the game open for significant stretches of time.
  • The Crow Crossbow never again sporadically misfires.

Other Fixes

  • Sleeping animals will never again go after neighboring players following stacking a save.
  • The player can now squat subsequent to entering a turret from a ladder.
  • Furniture will never again fall while supplanting the floor it’s fabricated on.
  • Palisade Curved Gates can never again have structures put cutting into the highest points of them.
  • Flying animals will as of now not become adhered while attempting to land while over water.
  • Resource Surveyor will never again identify spoiled food varieties as wellsprings of new food.
  • The player can never again get things through floors.

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