Chase Showdown update 1.55 brings new satisfied

Hunt Showdown update 1.55 has been delivered for consoles, adding the most recent substance and changes from PC fix 1.8.1.


Available to download on PS4 and Xbox One, Hunt Showdown update 1.55 presents two new foe types as well as a redesign to the mission system.

As you meander The Bayout looking for bounties, you’ll currently run into Pistol Grunts who will attempt to pummel trackers with their wrecked sidearm, letting off a boisterous shot upon sway. Then there’s the Lantern Grunt who conveys… a light. Contingent upon whether it’s lit or dark, an effective assault will set trackers on fire or make an oil puddle.

Another significant change is the expulsion of Daily and Weekly difficulties. These have been supplanted by Quests which can be found under the new Summons tab. Resetting each Monday, finishing them will acquire you unique things and stars which can be traded out for premium cash. Players can pick which two Quests to seek after with the choice to add a third by paying Bloodbonds.

Hunt Showdown Update 1.55 Patch Notes

New Quest System – “Summons”

The new Quest framework replaces the Daily and Weekly Challenges and can be found in the advancement area under the “Summons” tab. Players should finish missions to gather another award called “stars” – this is isolated from the Trials stars and will have an alternate image. These journeys will reset each Monday.


Added two new Grunt varieties to the game. Presenting the Pistol Grunt, an AI that conveys a wrecked gun which causes an uproarious discharge sound when it hits a player with a skirmish assault, and the Lantern Grunt, an AI that conveys a lamp. On the off chance that you are sufficiently fast, this light can utilized by players assuming you figure out how to kill the Grunt before you are hit with it.

Both varieties have been added to the default produce pools for every one of the three maps.

Pistol Grunt

  • New Grunt AI Variation
  • Wields a rusted broken pistol
  • Will endeavor to scuffle assault trackers with the wrecked gun, which makes it detonate and play an uproarious shot sound.
  • Will not release a projectile and consequently just arrangements skirmish damage.
  • The split gun can’t be gotten or utilized by trackers, and will vanish not long after its impact has been triggered.

Lantern Grunt

  • New Grunt AI Variation
  • Holds a Lantern, which can be lit or unlit
  • Will endeavor to scuffle assault trackers with the Lantern, breaking the Lantern simultaneously.
    • In the event that the Lantern is lit, this will make a little discharge blast (like tossing a Lantern)
    • If the Lantern is dim, this will make an oil pool on the ground which can be touched off according to usual
  • Killing the Grunt before they break the Lantern will make them drop the Lantern, which can be gotten and utilized by hunters.

Grunts Modifications

  • When shooting snorts in the arm or on death, they will presently drop the weapon they are conveying. For instance, Doctor Grunts will drop their harmed saw and others will drop their light or cleaver.
  • These weapons are not usable by players.
  • Dropped burns anyway can touch off oil pools or trigger dangerous barrels. Anyway the lights won’t hurt trackers straightforwardly once dropped.


Brawler Variant adjustments

  • Increased Heavy Melee Damage on all Brawler variations to align them with Dusters.
  • Stamina utilization stays unaltered (Dusters are even more efficient).

Nitro Custom ammunition name adjustment

  • Renamed the Nitro ‘Dum Dum’ ammunition to ‘Shredder’.
  • This is absolutely a superficial change and doesn’t influence ongoing interaction in anyway.


  • Bullet Casings are presently discernible when they fall on the ground.
  • Hanging Chains and different items currently play an unpretentious sound while squat strolling through them.
  • Sound Design enhancements for the Door impacts and destruction


  • Decreased produce pace of Golden Cash Registers.

Bug Fixes

  • The Ladder Desync Exploit

Developer’s Note:

This issue was a high need to us, and we are invigorated that we had the option to fix this for 1.8.1. Much obliged to you for revealing players that were manhandling this adventure and for assisting us with fixing this on Test Server!

  • Fixed an issue where red skull kills were giving XP and figured in with “kills” for KDA.
  • Fixed an issue where surrounding sound was not circled as expected on night maps.


  • Banished managers ought to never again drop their bounties in inaccessible places.
  • Fixed a bug where AI was some of the time ready to hear players through some obstacles.
  • Fixed a bug where snorts were not continuously confronting their aggressor properly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Butcher couldn’t be as expected intruded on the initial time it taunted.
  • Butcher will quit meandering when no players are around.


  • Addressed a bug where the Berthier Riposte Iron sights were somewhat misaligned.
  • Addressed a bug where the Depth of Field obscure would remain too lengthy on the Berthier Deadeye
  • Addressed a bug where the Iron Sights on the Romero 77 were misaligned.


  • Addressed a bug where D-cushion buttons would change to wrong things until they were re-appointed while utilizing a controller
  • Addressed a bug where the Conduit Trait wouldn’t make a difference its belongings while getting a Bounty
  • Addressed a bug where players could broaden their Dark Sight Boost span with the Serpent Trait
  • Addressed an issue that could lock the camera subsequent to reconnecting to a mission
  • Addressed several situations where the extraction clock would reset when dead players in the extraction range would pass on the game to the menu
  • Addressed a bug where the Wellspring couldn’t be gotten from a player that had forever separated from the game


  • Addressed a bug where the targets wouldn’t return to “Collect the Bounty” in the wake of losing two abundance tokens (actually shows “Extract the Bounty” for both bosses).
  • Addressed a bug that caused the D-cushion route in the agreement screen to break while utilizing a controller.
  • Addressed an uncommon bug that makes channels be featured in program in any event, when not applied.
  • Addressed a bug that lead to channels for consumables and apparatuses to be unresponsive.
  • Addressed an interesting issue that made buttons cross-over on top of others in unambiguous conditions.
  • Addressed an issue that permitted players to navigate the tracker hardware spring up on the Bounty Hunt menu onto different tabs and subtabs
  • Addressed a bug where the ordinary bow ammunition was generally turned gray out in the weapon wheel
  • Addressed a bug that would break the gear bar while changing the hardware by plundering from a tracker under exceptional conditions
  • Addressed an intriguing issue that caused a dispose of spring up to be shown when the player needs to have two stash guns (as double) equipped
  • Addressed an issue that would make buttons cross-over while on the unbelievable volunteers screen while shaping a welcomed team
  • Player can’t give a Dark Tribute presenting while in matchmaking in a group anymore
  • Addressed a bug where the two Partners in a group of three could be shown as “Partner 2”.
  • Addressed an Option issue while tapping on the right half of a sound settings tab would open the drop-down list.

Crytek has prodded that more DLC and game changes are coming. Inquire for news on the following Hunt Showdown update.

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