Wonder’s Avengers update 1.68 fixes The Mighty Thor

A new Marvel’s Avengers update is currently accessible, closely following the new Jane Foster development. Last month, engineer Crystal Dynamics added The Mighty Thor as the game’s most recent playable legend, following on from Spider-Man.


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This Marvel’s Avengers update (likewise seen as rendition 2.5.1) is generally pointed toward fixing a number bugs encompassing the furthest down the line option to the program. This incorporates upgrades to various movements and special visualizations as well as different battle skills.

Which legend will we see straightaway? In an abnormal ongoing interaction livestream with the game’s Lead Designer, Brian Waggoner, Xbox visitor have, TechniqTV, may have let slip that She-Hulk is coming. In the mean time, one more detailed spill indicates Bucky Barnes (also known as The Winter Soldier) helming the following free happy drop.

Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.68 Patch Notes

Multiplayer & Matchmaking

  • Fixed an issue keeping players from seeing any remaining players’ Heroic Orbs during multiplayer.

Art & Animation

  • Refined the lighting enhanced visualizations for when The Mighty Thor’s “The All-Weapon” Ultimate Heroic is active.
  • The Mighty Thor’s “Heart on a String” Takedown’s sound signs presently sync up with the Takedown’s animation.
  • Improved components of The Mighty Thor’s personality model in endeavors to diminish cutting and further develop shadows.
  • The Mighty Thor’s sledge no longer becomes Mjolnir when it is tossed. (Albeit that is some cool multiversal madness!)
  • Fixed an uncommon issue where The Mighty Thor’s Animatic wouldn’t enact when players cooperated with Mjolnir.
  • The Mighty Thor’s “God Blast” liveliness currently shows easing up striking all objectives, as intended.
  • Mjolnir never again haphazardly adheres to specific glass components in the environment.
  • There is done cut-out through The Mighty Thor’s cape when players utilize her “Cloudy Disposition” Emote.
  • Jane presently holds her sledge toward the beginning of her “The Perfect Spin” and “Don’t Even Need The Hammer” Takedowns.
  • All Heroes’ countenances currently enliven appropriately while talking with The Mighty Thor.

User Interface

  • Edited the “Rise and Shine” occasion depiction to incorporate the Units that the occasion rewards.
  • Localized VO lines for “The Mighty Thor” presently play appropriately during her introduction cinematic.


  • The Mighty Thor’s gone combo expertise “Quickfire” presently neutralizes Dreadbots, rather than her mallet skipping off.
  • The Mighty Thor’s “Quickfire” ability is at this point not accessible prudently subsequent to opening the “Seek and Pin” skill.
  • The Mighty Thor’s “Seek and Pin” capacity is as of now not subject to where players are pointing and looks for foes independently, as designed.
  • The Mighty Thor’s “Mjolnir’s Chosen” ability harm presently scales to a Hero’s details, as intended.
  • Mjolnir’s gotten a few fixes. It presently gleams appropriately when the “Possess the Power” act out is active.
  • The “Aesir’s Breaker” perk no longer lifts non-Unarmed Attacks, for example, “Warrior’s Fury” lightning bolts.

Gear, Challenges, and Rewards

  • Bonus asset compensations for Threat Sectors, remembering those for Wakanda and the Snowy Tundra, are not generally compensated for finishing some unacceptable missions.
  • When players select The Mighty Thor interestingly, they will naturally be conceded Power Level 1 Gear.
  • The “Investing in the Future” Achievement is currently appropriately opened while updating a piece of stuff to its maximum level.
  • Gear Vendors as of now not offer Power Level increments past the planned level.
  • The Mighty Thor’s Heavy Attack expertise “Falling Star” is presently conceded at level one and requires no ability to buy. Players will never again have an additional expertise point at level one on The Mighty Thor.
  • Defeating foes while The Mighty Thor’s “All-Mother’s Blessing” capacity is dynamic no longer advances the “Warrior’s Fury” Daily Challenge, as intended.
  • The Mighty Thor’s “Need to Take a Call” default Takedown presently shows as possessed in player inventories, as intended.
  • Mjolnir currently appropriately drops Intrinsic Orbs when The Mighty Thor’s “Mjolnir’s Chosen” Heroic Specialization is active.

Jumping once again into the game interestingly since the Klaw strike was added, we gave Jane Foster a short twirl around a few prior missions. Anybody who claims a duplicate of the game can open her free of charge with a discretionary legend pass accessible for those needing to beat character-explicit difficulties in return for corrective items.

While there’s certainly a great deal of cross-over among her and Thor’s movesets, the Avenger has a few extraordinary abilities and assaults of her own. Notwithstanding, these subtleties will not be felt by most easygoing players, or possibly until they’ve nearly maximized Jane Foster’s expertise tree. She’s a great expansion however skeptics wouldn’t be completely off-base in marking her a reskin of a current person. Not just that, she essentially turns up in-game with practically no exhibition. On the off chance that you’re expecting a War for Wakanda style extension, this ain’t it.

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