Multiversus 1.05 patch notes – Black Adam, ‘Silly Queue’ & Arcade mode

Multiversus patch 1.05 is out now, including the brand new character Black Adam, a traditional arcade mode, a ‘Silly Queue’ and making a bunch of steadiness adjustments alongside the best way.

Black Adam’s addition (after being delayed) ties in with the brand new movie starring The Rock within the titular position. He’s the twenty second character in a shortly rising roster of video games for this widespread brawler.


There’s additionally a brand new Arcade mode, which options three problem ranges and will be taken on in 1v1 and 2v2 modes. Beating it on Straightforward, Medium and Laborious will earn you a bronze, silver and gold star respectively to go on the character choice display screen.

And eventually, there’s the brand new ‘Silly Queue’, which is to be the brand new house for informal recreation modes. This comes with added modifiers to 2v2 battles, with three accessible from at this time, together with Grown Spurt, which could have characters rising in dimension as they deal injury.

Right here’s the total Multiversus 1.05 patch notes


  • Black joins the solid creating a brand new Hierarchy of Energy!
  • DLC pores and skin: Black Adam Comedian Traditional (Unlockable with: 800 Gleamium). This pores and skin grants extra sweet throughout the Halloween occasion.


  • Introducing Traditional Arcade Mode Alpha!
  • Seize a buddy and choose from 3 difficulties (Straightforward, Medium, and Laborious) and combat your means via variants of your favourite iconic characters!
  • Finishing a run will yield you a star on the character choose display screen comparable to the best problem accomplished.
    • Straightforward: Bronze
    • Medium: Silver
    • Laborious: Gold
  • 1v1 and 2v2 every have their very own star set, so strive your finest to gather all of them!
  • Medium and Laborious mode characteristic 3 difficult “Boss” fights, considered one of which is your Nemesis Rival. Attempt your finest to take them down!
  • That is simply the beginning for Arcade mode and we will probably be including extra enjoyable and options to Arcade Mode within the close to future, and we’re trying ahead to any suggestions you all might need.


  • Take a break from getting aggressive and luxuriate in some pure unbridled chaos!
  • The Silly Queue will probably be our house for brand new informal recreation modes going ahead. To start out, we will probably be together with 3 modifiers on 2v2.
  • Development Spurt is the BIG new addition and has fighters develop in dimension dramatically as they deal injury. Rack up some injury and participate in large monster battles!
  • Merchandise spawns and a shrinking blast field for the ultimate level may even be included.
  • Keep tuned for brand new modifiers sooner or later!


There’s some new earnable rewards for the Premium and Free tiers of the Battlepass!


Scooby Mansion (No Roof Model)

  • A brand new variation on the Scooby Mansion Map has entered into the totally different Queues! This model removes the roof! Attempt it out!

Area Jam (Experimental)

  • Area Jam is obtainable to play in Customized or the Lab.
  • We’re nonetheless evaluating updates to the map to make it really feel honest for inclusion in our 2v2 and 1v1 queues. Suggestions welcome!

Sky Enviornment has one other music observe!

  • The music observe will randomly come up when enjoying the map!


  • Extremely-Warrior Shaggy (Unlockable with: 800 Gleamium)
  • Bugs Bunny Tune Squad (Unlockable with: 800 Gleamium)
  • Bugs Bunny Tune Squad (Alt) (Unlockable with: 800 Gleamium)
  • Taz Tune Squad (Alt) (Unlockable with: 800 Gleamium)
  • BMO Announcer Pack (Unlockable with: 600 Gleamium)
  • Black Adam Legendary Profile Icon (Unlockable with: 35,000 Gold)


  • Assault Decay
    • Stage 1 of Assault Decay elevated to 80% discount of stun up from 60%
    • Stage 2 of Assault Decay elevated to 90% discount of stun up from 70%
    • Stage 3 of Assault Decay elevated to 95% discount of stun up from 80%
    • Stage 4 of Assault Decay elevated to 97.5% discount of stun up from 90%
  • Adjusted merchandise spawn likelihoods so extra zany objects will seem extra typically.
    • Added anvil merchandise to merchandise pool.
    • Take away the spike and aerial strikes part of the intro tutorial.



+ Buff
– Nerf
~ Change
# Bug


  • Floor/Air Up Particular: Moved hit frames again 1 body. ( – )
    • Branching to Aspect Particular (Dagger throw) on hit moved again 6 frames.
  • Floor/Air Aspect Particular: Dagger Hitting Ally or enemy now returns 25% of cooldown down from 50% ( – )
    • Betrayal Signature Perk – dagger hitting ally now returns 25% of cooldown down from 50%
    • Branching to Aspect Particular (Dagger throw) on hit moved again 6 frames.
    • Sprint to dagger from minimal journey time elevated to 0.275 seconds from 0.23 seconds.
  • Bug repair: Mounted bug the place if an enemy died with the knife in them, it will stay in them after they respawned. ( # )


  • Air Down Assault: 3 frames of endlag added ( – )

Bugs Bunny

  • Floor Aspect Assault: Elevated base knockback to 800 from 600 for the primary 2 hits. ( ~ )
    • Added 0.5 knockback scaling from 0 on first 2 hits.
  • Air Down Assault: Pushed knockback angle to be extra horizontal. ( ~ )


  • Floor/Air Impartial Particular Assault: Eliminated errant hitbox on Finn’s physique. ( # )
  • Air/Floor Impartial Particular (Excessive-5): 4 frames of endlag added ( – )
    • Excessive-5 had almost prompt restoration beforehand. This modification ought to give it a small window to be punished.
  • Air Impartial Assault: Elevated whiff lag (whiff restoration) by 5 frames. ( – )


  • Floor Aspect Assault: Added early cancel on hit for aspect to up assault combo. ( + )
    • Elevated aspect to down combo assault injury to 7 from 6 and knockback scaling to fifteen from 12.
  • Floor/Air Impartial Particular: Velocity of stacking sing buff elevated to 0.5 seconds from 0.75 seconds. ( + )
    • Length of sing buff stack elevated to five seconds from 3.5 seconds.


  • Air Down Assault: Elevated hitbox dimension to raised match visuals. ( + )

Iron Large

  • Eliminated experimental tag.
  • Air Down Assault: Branching into Aspect Floor Particular (Seize) from touchdown delayed. ( – )
  • Aspect Floor Particular: Energetic hit frames startup delayed by 2 frames. ( – )
    • These adjustments had been carried out to forestall an infinite seize combo.


  • Air Down Assault: Begin up energetic frames begins 1 body later. ( – )
    • Elevated restoration by 3 frames after the third hit.


  • Floor Down Assault: Assault now breaks armor when basketball is provided. ( + )


  • Floor Aspect Assault: Decreased hit pause to 0.175 seconds from 0.3 seconds when Hammer Perk is provided. ( ~ )
  • Floor Aspect Assault: Tweaks to make combo hit 2 extra prone to join. ( + )
  • Air Down Assault: Adjusted knockback angle to be extra horizontal. ( ~ )
    • Elevated restoration by 1 body.
  • Basic: Mounted a bug that was stopping geared up stickers from enjoying. ( # )


  • Eliminated experimental tag.
  • Basic: Mounted bug the place held objects would seem on the mistaken hand. ( # )
  • Floor Impartial Particular: Mounted bug the place you would infinitely summon meeseeks. ( # )
  • Floor/Air Aspect Particular: Mounted bug the place enemies may dodge out of the portal and never be hit shocked. ( # )


  • Floor Up Particular: Mounted a bug the place the crystal wouldn’t be seen if it exited the world. ( # )
  • Air/Floor Impartial Particular: Pulling ally whereas they’re within the grace space of the Blastzone now not rings out the ally ( # )
  • Floor/Air Down Particular: Set the max dimension of Reindog’s fireball to be 7 instances its preliminary dimension ( # )
  • Floor/Air Down Particular: Decreased on cooldown fireball lifetime to 0.5 seconds from 1 second. ( – )
  • Floor/Air Down Particular: On cooldown fireball now not spawns a hearth wall ( – )
    • Spamming fireball even when it was on cooldown was at all times the suitable reply. These nerfs to the cooldown model of the fireball are designed to provide it extra of a consequence.
  • Floor Aspect Assault: Combo assault 1 knockback path pushed up extra ( ~ )
  • Air Down Assault: Knockback angle elevated to be extra horizontal ( ~ )
  • Air Aspect Particular: Elevated endlag (restoration) by 4 frames ( – )
  • Air Aspect Particular: Moved again land canceling by 4 frames ( – )
  • Air Aspect Particular: Elevated hitbox dimension by 50%. ( + )


  • Floor/Air Down Particular: Utilizing Raged Sandwich removes rage buff ( – )
  • Air Down Assault: On Hit, Dodge and Soar department pushed 4 frames later ( – )


  • Air/Floor Impartial Particular: Stripes gun reload will now take 14 seconds however will reload all 3 pictures. Any shot will reset the reload time to 14 seconds ( ~ )
  • Air Ahead Assault: 5 frames of whiff restoration added to Ahead Air ( ~ )
  • Air Ahead Assault: Hitboxes on Ahead Air will not hit behind him ( ~ )
  • Basic: Leap perk lowered velocity given from 50% to 35% and period lowered from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds ( – )
  • Basic: Up to date Stripe’s transfer checklist to symbolize his gameplay. ( ~ )


  • Basic: Protection Meter Return per tick lowered to 5s from 6s ( + )
  • Air Aspect Particular: Stopping falling after a profitable throw ( # )
  • Air Up Particular: Elevated base knockback on down throw to 525 from 425.( + )
    • On low injury the down throw didn’t clear the opponent sufficient


  • Basic: Mounted bug the place Taz wouldn’t be capable to eat projectiles after being knocked out. ( # )
  • Basic: Mounted bug the place rooster legs would spawn in the course of the world ( # )
  • Basic: Taz default taunt will now play sticker emotes. ( # )
  • Basic: Mounted bug the place Taz may stroll with an eaten enemy if he received hit proper when he ate a fighter. ( # )

Tom And Jerry

  • Floor/Air Up Particular: Repair for Jerry rocket performance. It should now correctly apply projectile perks to the primary enemy fighter hit. ( # )
  • Floor/Air Up Particular: Elevated cork ammo from 2 to three ( + )

Marvel Lady

  • Air Impartial Particular: Mounted a bug the place Marvel Lady utilizing her lasso in air after which touchdown would trigger the animation to not play. ( # )
  • Floor/Air Up Particular: Repair for floor up particular floating generally not triggering. ( # )

Supply: WB Games


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